GTFO’s Rundown 004 is now available with brand-new matchmaking features


GTFO’s latest update, Rundown 004 // Contact, brings with it layered difficulty, as well as the long-awaited matchmaking system that fans have enjoyed in titles such as PAYDAY 2. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Endless Mission goes into Early Access on November 14th

The Endless Mission - Mashup 3.png

Having been in development for almost two years ow, The Endless Mission is a community-driven game that sees players play, hack, and create a world that exists behind the scenes of their favorite video game genres. E-Line Media has announced that their sandbox-style game is about to go into Early Access. Continue reading

Preview: 2084 – I died at least 2084 times in less than 72 hours


2084 is a game that originated as a 72-hour jam session from Perception-publisher Feardemic and the team from their Kraków based studio, the team that brought you titles such as Observer and Layers of Fear called Bloober Team. Here’s what we thought of the games current state.

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World War 3’s developers have responded to its Early Access issues


In an attempt to take on the world-renowned Battlefield franchise, The Farm 51 has released their own take on war with World War 3. However, since its official launch into Early Access, many have not been able to connect to the game. For some, the nightmare still continues on, but the devs have been responding. Continue reading