Ultracore Review – Ultra staying power

Ultracore is a title that brings with it everything we loved about 16-bit shooter titles turned platformer. It brings the stylized gameplay of Contra and Shinobi while also delivering an all-new experience you’d swear was inspired by Terminator and Shinobi III.

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Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire Review – Burning one another down


Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire takes a lot of generous touches to bring back the SHMUP genre the best it can, adding in a few new features, a rather hilarious story, and one that follows close to the Touhou franchise. Now, let’s take a look at Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Review – Skyrim never looked so red

The Elder Scrolls Online_ Tamriel Unlimited_20200420160548

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor expansion brings the famed MMO into the realm of Western Skyrim in its latest release, visiting familiar locales from the franchise and gives a deeper look into the history of the lands as they wrought with turmoil and a mysterious enemy that sought to destroy everything.

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Children of Morta Review – Bless the child and keep thee forever

Children of Morta_20200630025208

The Children of Morta is a promising and extremely challenging roguelike title that pushes the player forward in a top-down style that will challenge players more than what they would expect whether they with friends or alone. Whatever the case is with this game, we’re pretty darn sure Nightwish’s song Bless the Child inspired the game.

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Maneater Review – She’s gonna be a man eater


Maneater is a recently released action-RPG title that takes ahold of an entirely new style of gameplay by putting players in the role of a shark and letting them explore a world that only Ecco the Dolphin had once upon a time. Now, it’s our Bull Shark’s turn and she’s ready to take a chomp out of the local competition.

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