Review: Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online – Let’s Go Online

Battle (7)

+Controls are straightforward and welcoming to all new players
+Party system is easily learnable and allows for quite a few different party make-ups
+Multiplayer is a blast when a party can be formed

-Story based objectives can be hard to follow and can be confusing for players to track.
-Framerate dips are extremely problematic during missions on Logi Mountain
-Side-quests are extremely predictable but must be completed multiple times.

For nearly five years, I’ve been almost seemingly obsessed with the Neptunia franchise. In recent years, however, my fandom has begun to fade away due to the lack of interest I’ve had. Not because the games aren’t good, but rather because the games had begun to wander down the beaten path. The games had begun to grow stale, the humor had done so as well and it had truly seemed that our favorite troop of women had finally begun to run out of steam.

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Review: Resident Evil VII: Gold Edition – Evil Has Gone Gold


+One of the best and most atmospheric titles in the franchise
+A genuine struggle for survival through limited resources such as ammo
+Enemies are challenging compared to previous enemy types in the franchise
+Characters feel a lot more fleshed out, each with their own background, identity, and sense of humanity
+One of the best designed games both audio and visual departments

-Puzzles are rather simply and some are rehashed variants of one another.

In previous years, it’d almost seemed that the Resident Evil franchise had finally begun to run out of horror-filled steam. For some companies, it’s hard to do things just right. For some its a rapidly rising and falling roller coaster of half-witted scares, while others are minor eye rolls causing fans to just merely shake their head. This was the problem with several of the franchises latest entries including Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

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Review: Hyakki Castle – Spooky, Dark and Mesmerising

1_Extra Dungeon

+Unique two-point combat system allowing for combat from multiple angles
+Extremely detailed and beautiful Japanese themed enemies
+Audio design is absolutely superb and should absolutely be experienced with headphones
+Controls are easy to learn and quite enjoyable.

-First-person views can, at times, be overwhelming when first learning the dual-view combat screens
-A small change in scenery from area to area would have been welcomed over the course of the game
-The dual party system is unique, but isn’t highly utilized throughout the game

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit this simple fact: I’ve been taking my sweet time with Hyakki Castle. While I promised my review would be sooner than later, a part of me felt that I’d pushed my way through the game faster than I’d hoped to have and even somehow neglected to truly enjoy the title that had been presented to me.

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Review: Let Them Come – The Hordes are Coming!


+A solid and highly enjoyable soundtrack
+Strategy is absolutely required making this a unique tower defense style game
+Versatility is key and delivers players a unique approach to all situations
+The story is absolutely a joy to experience
+Offers numerous modes for players to enjoy as it encourages replayibility

Let Them Come is a strategic, side view kill everything defense game. Developed by Tuatara Games, is something a bit unique. It’s something we’ve not seen in recent days and offers a rather fresh breath of air compared to games we’ve seen in recent days. Thanks to its balance of action, tower defense and strategic styles; Let Them Come is by all intents and purposes a rather unique title.

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Review: Tekken 7 DLC: Geese Howard – He’ll Goose You


Y’know, something about Tekken 7 never gets old. I’m not sure if it’s the massive amount of content the game has received or if it’s even the sheer amount of cross-over characters that the game has already received. But what really sends it home? The game doesn’t feel dated. It feels natural, it feels well rounded and it stands as an equal to the current age of fighting games.

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Review: Cuphead – You’ll Need to Blow Steam


+Astoundingly well done audio and visual designs leading to a truly authentic experience
+Boss levels are never the same with bosses each featuring their own mechanics as their fights proceed
+Customizable controls are a delight to have and offer players a way to build the games control scheme to match what they prefer.

-Insanely difficult no matter what difficulty you choose a mission on
-Controls without customizing are a nuisance and do not play in the favor of the player.

When I first heard about Studio MDHR’s Cuphead it wasn’t off to a good start. Rather, the journalist involved at the time wasn’t off to a good start. So I tuned in, watched the video and realized his struggles weren’t going to be as nail-bitingly bad as my own. Regardless, to state, the rumors surrounding the games difficulty are real and the game is absolutely one of the hardest games I’ve ever played.

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Review: The Surge: Complete Edition – Completely Surging

The Surge_20171212162220

Graphics and animations run extremely well on PS4 and PS4 Pro
+A Walk in the Park DLC adds an admirable 6-7 hour experience
+Sci-fi labyrinthine dungeons offer amazing take on the Souls-esque franchises
+Body part selection changes combat pacing and how players will approach each encounter

-Mediocre story that doesn’t really bring the narrative home, but doesn’t take away from the experience
-Awkward camera angels are minor, but persistent annoyances that remain to this very day.

Since 2009, FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls franchise have been the cause for my controller-throwing induced fits of rage. They’ve also been the serious inspiration for countless other developers to jump on board in an attempt to bait players in, put them through some rage-inducing action, and ultimately seeing their fans break into tears at some point or another.

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Review: Blue Reflection – Staring off into the Deep Blue Sea


+Absolutely beautiful character animations and character growth
+Absolutely stunning visuals and use of sound designs
+A solid combat system that grows as the game gets underway
+The school is an absolutely joy to explore
+Lacks Gusts previous time restrictions from the Atelier series

-Offers absolutely little challenge in combat
-Enemies variate very little outside of bosses and offer almost no change
-NPC dialogue changes very little and remains almost the same throughout the game

Have you ever wondered what the daily life of a Japanese school student was like? What if it involved taking on a spot as a video game successor to the smash-hit anime series Sailor Moon? That’s where Gust’s latest title comes into pay. Players take on the role of first-year student Hinako Shirai as she begins to attend Hoshinomiya High School.

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Review: Spintires: MudRunner – Spinning Out in the Mud


+Extremely immserive
+Quite a few vehicles to choose from as players unlock them
+Punishingly realistic
+Use of mud-based physics are insanely well done

-Camera angles are a constant pain to deal with
-Lacks a mini-map or GPS to help guide players
-Minor frame rate hitches when near water sources

If you aren’t familiar with Spintires: MudRunner like I was, you may come into the game rather blind, wondering if it’s a high-octane racing game, or if it was simply a title where you’d get to drive around, getting stuck in the mud from time-to-time. Trust me, I did, and I held my breath as I waited for my chance to hit a button for the nitrous boost.

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Review: The Flame in the Flood – Surviving the Flood


+Battery consumption is minimal while playing in handheld mode on the Switch
+Transitions well as a console/handheld hybrid title
+One of the most enjoyable games thanks to its artistic direction
+Resources are scarce, forcing players to understand survival

-Menu’s can be hard to navigate
-Extremely unforgiving for new players
-Could have used a simpler crafting and menu navigation system

It’s been an interesting couple of months with The Flame in the Flood. On the surface, it’s a game that presents players with a beautifully crafted world, one that uses stylized art and charming audio for fans to enjoy. What isn’t apparent to those paying extreme attention to detail is something a bit more detailed: The Flame in the Flood by Molasses Flood’s debut title is not near as charming. It’s the harsh reality of what it’s like to survive.

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