About the Writer – Dustin Murphy

About the Writer – Dustin Murphy


Lets get to know me a bit better. My name is Dustin Murphy, I’m the president and founder at Blast Away the Game Review. I have been gaming all my life and I mean that literally. I grew up in the small sleepy town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, which has since grown up into a booming college locale. I grew up and still reside in this town where I perform a job as an office aid on the weekends, and a journalist in my off time. I went to school for Computer Repair and Networking. From there I expanded my already deep passion for computer entertainment (gaming in short), but also my interest in how it functions.

After having finished out my classes and getting my Vocational Technology Certificate of Completion I worked a couple of jobs that never brought me anywhere I wanted until I picked up my job working for family at their office. It is there I have been capable of expanding my knowledge of how an office works, but also have a flexibility to do what I do here at Blast Away the Game Review, which has taught me leadership skills, writing skills, and even how to work with other businesses.

When putting the earlier bit aside, I’ve been a gamer for my entire life, as I stated. My first experience with it can be credit to my dad, who to this day, is still my hero and inspiration for continuing on with my passions the way I have. It also because of him that I am as big as a gamer than ever, but also his as well as my mom’s support in what I do. I was introduced into gaming when my dad took me to my grandparents when I was around one years of age and I picked up an Atari controller, and from there I never looked back from what hobbies I could have had. My experience with gaming has allowed me to see gaming from when it almost (literally) started with small pixelated sprites to what it has become to this day in age. Through the evolution of gaming I have managed to experience the beauty of literally every big name console to this date. It is also what has lead me to become a retro gamer and even appreciate classic titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Road Rash, Omega Boost, Fear Effect, Sonic the Hedgehog, Beast Wrestler, Mega Man, Bunny O’Hare, Cyborg Justice and even Altered Beast. It was because of games like these that were so revolutionary at its time that I truly became interested in gaming and find myself going back and enjoying on their original platforms when possible.

When not gaming, however, I’ve become rather large fan of reading classic literature such as H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, George Orwell, H.G. Wells, and Edgar Allen Poe. When I’m reading, however, I also enjoy having background noise from anime to music, which are two giant parts of my life and have always been when I’m not writing, researching, working, and or working on reviews. Some of my favorite musicians include Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack Team (Takanari Ishiyama, Gigi Meroni, Kazuki Muraoka, Lee Jeon Myung and Hiroyuki Togo), The GazettE, Malice Mizer, Nano, Gackt, D’espairsRay, Dir en Grey, The Devin Townsend Project, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and Delain just to name a few. They are things that I love to enjoy when I’m not gaming since they keep me busy, active, and always enjoying something to listen to.

I would have to credit a lot of what I do to my family, friends, and team members for driving me so hard to do what I do, and to become better at it. It’s because of them I truly feel blessed to be here and helping make our dreams come true as rather well versed writers.


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