About the Writer – Dustin Murphy

About the Writer – Dustin Murphy



Dustin Murphy has been a staple in the many pages of Blast Away the Game Review since its founding in 2013, but his obsession and love for video games is tied to his earliest childhood memory with his father. His days started out with afternoons in the summer sitting on the couch playing routine sessions of Super Mario Bros. and Bubble Bobble just in time for the release of The Legend of Zelda. His love for games continued with daily trips to the local arcade where he would spend hours playing random games on each of the arcade machines including Donkey Kong vs Mario and Pac-Man.

In 2009, Dustin chose to chase his career in game journalism over his advanced studies in Computer Sciences and Networking Administration. His choice was simply made due to the fact he would get to take part in how games are developed, patched, and maintained before, during, and post-release as part of Q&A teams. True to his understanding, Dustin spends days-on-end playing a wide array of games and accumulating an insanely high trophy count on PlayStation Network.

Dustin works side-by-side with his father, the vice president of Blast Away the Game Review, Dustin Murphy, where they give each other input on coverage decisions, and partnerships to pursue. Dustin also manages the overall team with feedback from his colleagues. He also believes pizza deserves its own international holiday, which is every Thursday just before Halloween.

Social and Web Presence(s)

Facebook: Dustin Murphy, Video Games and Entertainment Journalist
Twitter: @GamingAnomaly
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustin-murphy-journalist/

Game Related Nonsense

Your Game Systems (Past & Present): Way too many. I still have all my consoles dating from the NES era and up. Sadly, my Saturn has died, so there’s that.
Favorite Games for the Current Generation: Oof. I honestly can’t tell you. There’s way too many man. My heart still sits back in the 90s at the time.


Music: A bit of everything. It’s really hard to tell you what my exact favorites are.
Favorite Movies: Anything horror. There’s truly not a specific. It’s all about horror. Give me a good horror movie, a pizza, and a soda, and we are good to go.
Favorite TV show: This is gonna blow your mind: I actually don’t have one. I don’t watch just a lot of TV.
Favorite Books: Man. I’ll suggest a few good books, but honestly, my taste has changed so much over the years. That’s a pretty rough one.
Favorite Quotes: Game over man! Game over!

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