Blast Away the Game Review’s Review System Guide – 2021 Update

If you are trying to figure out how we rate our games, this is exactly what we score them at. The scoring system is based on these principles at the most fundamental level. These principles include performance, graphics, sound, animation, game stability, playability, and ease of use. Each of these are required to be among the best of the best to earn a rank in our review score system that uses a .25 increment system that goes from a scale of 1 through 10.

The latter is our hardest to earn and means that these games are not flawed and are flawless beasts that stand out among their competition for their generation. Below, you’ll find our grading system and have a better idea of what to expect from our game reviews when you read a review on this site.

For 9 and 10 scores, we’ve provided a few examples as to why these titles stand out among their competition.

10 – Outstanding and a step above the rest

A title that stands above the rest. This is one we very rarely hand out and it’s a score that means that this game is truly an elite title and one that has earned our highest appraise in every aspect. This is one we indicate that it cannot be missed and it should be appreciated.


9 – Superb in almost everway, but with a catch

Among the best of gaming, echelons comes a game with this score. It’s a highly recommended title that once reviewed, is near perfection, but with a minor catch or two that ultimately, don’t flaw the overall experience.


8 – Very good

These games, while innovative, aren’t going to be for everyone. This is a score that indicates that the game is something to enjoy and be had by fans, but, it still has some room to grow. These titles may inherently have some issues that might not be enjoyable to some, but, the mass population will enjoy them.

7 – Average

These are games that do have features that work, but, they aren’t anything that any gamer hasn’t seen before. They’re compelling enough to play, but, they aren’t anything special from beginning to end.

6 – Below Average

These are games that will have fans that enjoy them, but, the average gamer will be left yearning from their games and might be disappointed in the game on a more technical basis.

5 – Mediocre at best

Games that recieve this score do have some decent ideas with a lot of potential behind them. Unfortunately, their most engaging features are undeniably flawedf and aren’t actually expanded upon. This could also be due to a lack of graphical prowess, performance, or bugs that can ruin the experience.

4 – Bad

Anything that recieves this score will have features and performances that work as planned – to an extent. This is a title that will have rather large malfunctions including game performance issues, game crashes, or downright hasn’t improved since we received our review copy. It’s a game you should avoid unless you are really sold on the experience.

3 – Painful to experience

This is a game that barely has a redeeming moment to it. While the story itself, could be compelling, it’s one that is ultimately buried by its agonizing elements ranging from gameplay to performance. It’s a title that ultimately, should be avoided, and if approached, proceed with caution when opting in.

2 – Avoid or play at your own risk

If you see this score, take heed of the title’s score. It’s insufficient in every way of execution. It’s a bug ridden mess that barely functions, and if it does, it barely has purpose due to insufficient planning. We rarely hand this one out and if we do? Trust us when we ask you to avoid it.

1 – Unplayable

If you know, you know. This is not a great place to be.