The ESA Responds to Hawaii’s Proposed Legislations on Loot Boxes


In several countries, the move to ban loot boxes from games altogether is gaining steam. Several countries including Germany and Belgium have already begun to see them as a predatory practice as well as a form of gambling, which very well means that they could be getting regulations put against them in those countries before much longer.

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera Operators and Outbreak Event Revealed


Ubisoft has been on a solid track record for the best post-release game content with their recent releases of For Honor, The Division, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In a continued effort to continue that statement, the developer and publisher has once more revealed a new set of operators that are preparing to make their way to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Chimera.

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Blast Away Exclusive: Inside +Mpact Games with Matt Canei


Matt Canei (Middle) and fellow founders of +Mpact Games

Blast Away the Game Review’s Dustin Murphy chats with Matthew Canei, Lead Developer of Hanako: Honor & Blade via Discord. Matt discusses the creative process behind the Early Access title and much more with Blast Away the Game Review.

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Code Vein’s Latest Batch of Screenshots Reveal Cooperative Play


After releasing a bit of information regarding the multiplayer portion of their upcoming title Code Vein, Bandai Namco has released a number of screenshots giving fans a chance to see some two more characters from the game: Karen and Cruz both of whom have fallen victim to horrific acts before players get to meet them.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 PC Launch Date Announced


Today, independent developer Fatshark has announced that the sequel to their smash-hit cooperative title Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide will be launching on March 8, 2018, for Windows PC. Additionally, the team has revealed pieces of the game as well as the content it will have through a live stream they called “Date Night” during their Twitch stream earlier today.

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Epic Games Shouldn’t be Giving up on Paragon Just Yet


Last month the news broke that Epic Games would be shutting down their third-person action MOBA Paragon, which the company claimed didn’t meet their expectations nor did it attract the community they had hoped it would since its launch into closed alpha in 2016. While the game certainly saw a lot of struggle and changes made, it seemed that with the launch of their updates New Dawn and V.45, Paragon had finally begun to find a foothold within the MOBA genre as the first MOBA to let PC and console users can play together.

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Review: The Fall Part 2: Unbound – Not the Grid You Thought


+Strong story, even though it’s a rather short game
+Offers some great moments with the games cast
+Great combat mechanics that bring the game to life

-Rather outdated graphics
-Extremely short, beatable in a single session

The Fall Part 2 Unbound picks up right were the first title left off. For gamers who did not play Part 1 of the game, the developers decided to give us a short little recap before allowing us to start the game which I though was a really nice add-in. Strongly recommend starting the first saga first instead of jumping right into the second story and being lost for a while without a full backstory.

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Preview: Sea of Thieves – An Arrriiight Time on the High Seas


Setting sail across a wide-open sea, solving riddles to find barred treasure with your friends, battle pirates, shooting skeletons, Sea of Thieves has it all. Some kids dream of being an astronaut, a firefighter, or even a doctor, nobody ever think what life would be like as a pirate.

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