Review: The Banner Saga Trilogy – Great things come in sets of three


The Banner Saga Trilogy is a strategy RPG series set on the backdrop of Norse culture and mythology that combines elements of the end times, powerful enemies, and ties being broken in this amazing series that comes to a conclusion with no loose ends. It’s time to see this amazing piece of art come to an end with our review.

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Xbox has responded to PlayStation Classic announcement in a comedic way


Yesterday, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a response to Nintendo’s line-up of rebooted digital-only consoles with a version of their own. Now, Microsoft has chimed in with a great response and one that actually makes complete sense without the need for nostalgia.

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Opinion: There’s a lot that developers can learn from Warframe


Warframe is a premium free-to-play game that is constantly evolving and growing as a living-and-breathing entity featuring millions of players around the world across three different platforms with the Nintendo Switch joining in soon. But what sets Warframe apart from the rest? Let’s talk about that.

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