Review: Cuphead – You’ll Need to Blow Steam


+Astoundingly well done audio and visual designs leading to a truly authentic experience
+Boss levels are never the same with bosses each featuring their own mechanics as their fights proceed
+Customizable controls are a delight to have and offer players a way to build the games control scheme to match what they prefer.

-Insanely difficult no matter what difficulty you choose a mission on
-Controls without customizing are a nuisance and do not play in the favor of the player.

When I first heard about Studio MDHR’s Cuphead it wasn’t off to a good start. Rather, the journalist involved at the time wasn’t off to a good start. So I tuned in, watched the video and realized his struggles weren’t going to be as nail-bitingly bad as my own. Regardless, to state, the rumors surrounding the games difficulty are real and the game is absolutely one of the hardest games I’ve ever played.

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Review: The Surge: Complete Edition – Completely Surging

The Surge_20171212162220

Graphics and animations run extremely well on PS4 and PS4 Pro
+A Walk in the Park DLC adds an admirable 6-7 hour experience
+Sci-fi labyrinthine dungeons offer amazing take on the Souls-esque franchises
+Body part selection changes combat pacing and how players will approach each encounter

-Mediocre story that doesn’t really bring the narrative home, but doesn’t take away from the experience
-Awkward camera angels are minor, but persistent annoyances that remain to this very day.

Since 2009, FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls franchise have been the cause for my controller-throwing induced fits of rage. They’ve also been the serious inspiration for countless other developers to jump on board in an attempt to bait players in, put them through some rage-inducing action, and ultimately seeing their fans break into tears at some point or another.

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Quake Champions to Receive New Content Thursday


Since the launch of Quake Champions in Early Access, renowned developed id Software has been hard at work improving the game, implementing new features, and adding new content when presented with a chance to do so. This Thursday, Dec 14, Quake Champions will receive what could easily be considered one of the largest updates for players to download.

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PUBG is Now Available for Xbox One, Game Controls Highlighted


It’s official. As of now the best-selling Battle Royale game is now available for Xbox One and Xbox One X starting today. To help highlight the games release, we’ve been seeing a lot about the games upcoming desert map titled ‘Miraramar’. With the map preparing for launch on PC via the games test servers, fans on Xbox One are now able to enjoy the original map ‘Erangel’ a Soviet themed island.

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Jupiter & Mars Set to Launch on PlayStation 4 and PSVR

Jupiter & Mars_PSX_4

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Ecco the Dolphin were to be released on modern consoles? What if that was the case in the modern day through the vision of creative director James Mielke and the team at Tigertron’s vision? That’s where Jupiter & Mars steps in and whisks us away into the ocean blue as two new dolphin friends.

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Opinion: Hellblade’s Awards Prove We Need More Games Like It

Hellblade_ Senua's Sacrifice™_20170807231918

[Credits: Ninja Theory]

During The Game Awards 2017 it was almost impossible not to hear Ninja Theory’s indie title Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice be mentioned. After all, it has only recently been released into the wild after more than three years in production due to the extensive research the team behind it underwent. But the research wasn’t in regards to graphics, mechanics or locations.

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How’d Nintendo do in 2017? Lets Take a Look.


2017 has probably been one of Nintendo’s best years in the past decade. The company continues to see astounding success in their handheld-console hybrid the Nintendo Switch, a steady flow of third-party titles, and even critical acclaim with their first party released titles. But what really delivers this home? Nintendo didn’t abandon their aging 3DS hardware completely. Instead they released a reiteration of the New Nintendo 3DS XL with a new variant of the 2DS under the same model, but without 3D implementation.

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How did the PlayStation 4 do in 2017? Lets Take a Look


If you’re Sony, 2016 was a solid year, and it’s extremely hard to continue the momentum you’ve already started. Going into 2017 would be a difficult follow-up due to your A+ library, solid console support, and PlayStation Plus offers. With Microsoft and Sony continually trade blows, Nintendo has been in the background working hard and blazing trails.

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How’d the Xbox One do in 2017? Lets Take a Look.


2017 has been a trying year for Microsoft. The Xbox One was off to a slow start and received hefty criticism when their exclusive IP Scalebound was cancelled. With the console having been on the market for its fourth year, we may feel that its stay has been a bit of both lackluster and somehow encouraging all at once.

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