Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition launches on PS4 and PC

Travis Strikes Again_ No More Heroes Complete Edition - 06

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our pal Travis from No More Heroes, it’s time to get acquainted with him and his insanely crazy world. 

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Hyperforma Review – Hyperventilating and trying not to lose


Hyperforma is based on the original iOS release that has been updated for Nintendo Switch. The game takes us back to the Atari classic Breakout and sees you work in a block-breaking puzzle experience to find out the truth behind The Ancients. Does it work or should you hack your way back out of The Great Network? 

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Greedfall Review – A swashbuckling adventure come to life


Spiders is back with a new ARPG for fans to enjoy that includes swashbuckling, spell throwing, and blasting your enemies away when you aren’t exploring the wilds about you, talking to the natives, and making life-or-death choices. But now we have to ask, does it work or are we stuck with another The Technomancer on our hands?

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