Battlefield V details revealed, includes no season pass or paid DLC


With only a couple of weeks left until E3 2018, DICE and publisher Electronic Arts Inc. have revealed the official gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Battlefield V. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

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Children’s Corner: Should you listen to the ESRB labels placed on games?


In our first Children’s Corner topic, we want to talk about you, your kids, and the ESRB warning labels that are placed on video games. In the today’s topic, we’ll cover the meaning behind them, why you should acknowledge them, and if you should even purchase a game outside the given rating.

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Ubisoft Signapore’s Skull & Bones has been delayed


Skull & Bones is the ambitious upcoming pirate game from Ubisoft Singapore, which will see players take to exciting ship battles, unimaginable gameplay mechanics and even some of the best-looking graphics in recent years. A delay has been made, which will see the game removed from 2018’s line-up.

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