Review: Forza Motorsport 7 – The Racing King Returns to Compete


+By far one of the best looking games available to date
+Offers one of the most realistic racing experiences available
+Graphic quality and overall performance is astonishing regardless of platform
+Loot boxes are done right and do not prevent a players overall enjoyment of the title

-Career mode does feel a bit off-center, forcing players to save credits to purchase cars, and locking their progression behind such tedious manners

When I first started Forza Motorsport 7, I’d expected something I’ve been familiar with in many ways. First, I was expecting moderately amplified graphics, utilizing the power of the Xbox One or my Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. Second, I was expecting a moderate collection of cars that would help bring my experience to the forefront and push my immersion to all new levels. Third, I was expecting Forza Motorsport 7 to be slightly problematic with the implementation of loot boxes.

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Here’s the Best Deals For Some of 2017’s Biggest Games


Gamers, nerds, and geeks – it’s our favorite time of year once again. There are some major deals out there for us to take advantage of. There’s some major deals for us to love and get our hands on. This time of year, we can get some of the best collectibles, games, movies, comics, and even wearable items at some knockout prices, and to help you find them – we’ve made a list for you.

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Did Disney Have Star Wars Battlefront II Crystal Purchases Disabled


If you’re the Star Wars franchise, you’ve had a really bad week, and it’s only seemingly been getting worse even with the removal of your latest games loot crates. For Electronic Arts, your week really hasn’t been the greatest of weeks, and it may only get worse in the upcoming days. Your latest game is one that has pushed upon the industries most discussed topic: confusing, expensive, and troublesome loot crates.

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Where’s Our Review for Star Wars Battlefront II?


Since the launch of the Early Access period for Star Wars Battlefront II, we’ve been asked if we are going to review the game, and when the review will be released. Just like any game, we discuss what games we want to cover, and we decide what we feel is best for ourselves as well as our writers.

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Review: Nioh: Complete Edition (PC) – A Completely PC Worthy Experience


+Runs extremely smooth on PC with minor to no frame rate hiccups
+Graphics are just as beautiful on PC as they are on consoles
+Steam is not required to play the game making the launcher a useful utility
+Controller support is a must-have for this game

-Lack of keyboard and mouse will be a drawback for some PC gamers

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen this shrine. I’ve probably seen it half a dozen times. Half a dozen more than I cared to at this point. I’ve dodged, dodged, dodged, and unfortunately somehow I’ve still managed to get knocked into the bigger foe ahead of me only to somehow get an arrow in the back. Not even the small alley’s between these huts have saved me. I should know this well by now, I’ve played this plenty on PlayStation 4 with Nioh (you can read our PS4 review here), and somehow – I still. Manage. To. Freaking. Die. Every. Damned. Time.

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Review: SUPERBEAT XONiC – Dropping the Beat on the Switch


+Performs extremely well on the Nintendo Switch
+68 tracks for players to enjoy
+Very intuitive controls that are learned by playing the game continually
+Extremely rewarding no matter what you do

-Can be overwhelming from time-to-time for players new to beat rhythm titles
-Tutorials themselves are quite punishing for players at first
-Switch controller thumbsticks do not play nicely with the games thumbstick requirements

I’ve always been a fan of beat rhythm games. I first got my start at playing dance rhythm and beat rhythm titles in March of 1999 thanks to Dance Dance Revolution, or as it is lovingly called, DDR. I’ve invested in games such as Deemo, Guitar HeroJust Dance, and even Rock Band. But something was always missing. Something that was fun, portable, and highly enjoyable to play.

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Blizzard Opens Up About Overwatch and Xbox One X


The Xbox One X is not a small deal by any means. It is a powerhouse, one that not even Sony had possibly foreseen doing what it has, and bringing native 4K gameplay to a living room near you. In order to prove that they have what it takes for 4K gaming, Microsoft has doubled down, and has shown an exemplary display of love for video games.

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Xbox One Game Gifting is Now Available and Here’s How to Gift


Game gifting has remained elusive for console gamers. It’s a feature that has been requested for quite sometime. A feature that Microsoft had been investigating for quite sometime. Gamers first spotted the availability to test this feature just a short few months ago during an Xbox One Update Preview Program.

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We Were Invited to Wizard World OKC – Here’s Our Thoughts


Over a couple of weekends ago, a trio of our writers here were invited to Wizard World in Oklahoma City for the weekend. Over the course of Saturday, they took quite an adventure through it, and what came from it was quite an experience. Dustin, David, and Jeremy (our photo journalist and newest member of the team) had a blast adventuring through the show, talking to some of the highest-end cosplayers out there, and even talked with a few celebrities – we enjoyed the chat with you John Barrowman!

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