How to get the most out of Monster Hunter: World’s Kulve Taroth Siege Event


Capcom has put a lot of hard work into Monster Hunter: World. We’ve gotten to finally take on the fearsome Deviljho, they’ve added in a new elder dragon by the name of Kulve Taroth, and they’ve even added an event-exclusive zone for the elder dragon as well. Toss into the mix that the elder dragon, its zone, and gear are a limited-time due to an event called “The Siege of Kulve Taroth,” and you may quickly come to realize that your time in this event is going to be precious.

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Save on The Surge, DLC, and grab the free Cutting Edge DLC Pack today

Robots, robots and more robots. What more can we say? Well, there’s plenty more we can say, but you know what? There’s some new DLC, which adds a reason to beat on robots, humans who’ve become zombie-like creatures due to their neural implants going bonkers, and even a reason to grab some new armor and weapons to enjoy.

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AVerMedia Announces The SonicWave Gaming Headset Line

AVerMedia SonicWave GH337 - 1

[Credits: AVerMedia]

Audio products, it’s what we know about AVerMedia due to their creativity behind their Sound x Vision focus, which includes their digital video and audio lines that can be seen across the world in schools, industrial buildings, and homes today. They’re known for high-end products and standing behind their capabilities as a manufacturer. Today, AVerMedia has revealed that they’ll be expanding their offerings to video gamers around the world with a pair of introductory headsets.

Both headsets will feature oversized 50mm neodymium drivers in order to deliver some of the most powerful sounds to date. In order to deliver entirely different approaches for both headsets, AVerMedia has announced that the stereo SonicWave GH335 will feature analog audio and microphone connections alongside its oversized drivers and closed back design in order to help you focus with your tasks at hand. Opposite of this approach is the GH337, which comes bundled with the AVerMedia Sound Engine software, allowing players to get the most out of their virtual 7.1 surround sound audio mixes while gaming.

This approach will give gamers the tools needed in order to immerse themselves and easily locate their opponents when playing some of today’s biggest hits including PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsCall of Duty: WWII and Fortnite: Battle Royale. The GH337 will also come with LED lighting on its outer rims, giving it a special bit of flair while you’re gaming.


Both devices will take full advantage of a rotating omnidirectional boom mic, however, the GH337 will also feature a strategically placed secondary microphone, which comes with the latest in noise reduction technology, allowing your friends to hear you loud, clear, and without the hassle of background noise when gaming or even streaming. You can check out their specs down below.

AVerMedia SonicWave GH335 - 2

[Credits: AVerMedia]

SonicWave GH335

  • Tuned Acoustics for Gaming: Oversized 50mm neodymium drivers with 20–20K Hz response, 97±3 dB sensitivity (@ 1 kHz), 32 Ω impedance
  • Stay Focused on the Game: Closed-back design puts the game front and center
  • Sensitive Microphone: Omnidirectional pickup pattern with a Ø 6.0 x 2.8 mm capsule; ≤ 2200 Ω and 38 ±3 dB sensitivity
  • Compatible with all Analog Interfaces: 4-pole 3.5 mm audio jack and 3.5 microphone jack with splitter cable work with PC, PS4™ and Xbox One™ consoles and mobile (some Xbox One controllers may require a stereo adapter; sold separately)
  • In-Line Controls: Volume and microphone mute switches
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Only 340 g / 11.9 oz with 2.2 m / 7.2 ft cable
  • MSRP: $59.99


AVerMedia SonicWave GH337 - 1

[Credits: AVerMedia]

SonicWave GH337

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Audio with AVerMedia Sound Engine: Pinpoint your opponents and stay immersed in your surroundings
  • High-Quality Audio Specs: Oversized 50mm neodymium drivers with 20–20K Hz response, 97±3 dB sensitivity (@ 1 kHz), 32 Ω impedance
  • Dual Microphone for Noise Reduction: Ignore ambient noises and hear your teammates clearly; omnidirectional pattern with ≤ 2200 Ω impedance and 38 ±3 dB sensitivity
  • Supports PC and Latest Consoles via USB 2.0 / 3.0: Including Xbox One™ X and PS4™ Pro
  • Full In-line Controls: Volume, microphone mute and LED on/off
  • Comfort and Flexibility: 370 g / 13.05 oz weight with 2.2 m / 7.2 ft cable to give you room to move
  • MSRP: $79.99

Both headsets are available now at online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, and GameStop as well as at in-store retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop. Stay tuned as we have reached out to AVerMedia about reviewing these latest gaming accessories.

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Dustin is our native console game reviewer who has an appetite for anything that crosses the borders from across the big pond. His interest in JRPGs, Anime, Handheld Gaming, and Pizza is insatiable. His elitist attitude gives him direction, want, and a need for the hardest difficulties in games, which is fun to watch, and hilarity at its finest. You can find him over on Twitter or Facebook.


Reader Discussion: Would you be okay with upgraded PlayStation 4s or a PS5?


We already know the clock on the PlayStation 4 is beginning to slowly tick down to its final minutes. If everything is to be believed, we already know a developer such as CD Projekt Red may already have their hands on one of Sony’s developer kits. While the possibility could be there with Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead architect on the PlayStation 4, already beginning to make tours to meet with developers regarding Sony hardware.

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Monster Hunter: World’s Newest Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth Revealed

monster_hunter_world_kulve_taroth_02 [Credits: Capcom][/caption]Like anyone in the Monster Hunter: World community, you’re no doubt relaxing, enjoying the final days of the Spring Blossom Fest, which is coming to a close on April 19, 2018. With its closure comes a new threat, something bigger, meaner than ever before – the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. As part of our next title update, launching this Thursday, players will get to take on the biggest assignment yet: The Siege of Kulve Taroth.

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Opinion: I’m not buying EA having learned their lessons from Battlefront II


Unless you’ve been digging through an interview on The Verge, you may or may not know what’s going on with EA and Patrick Söderlund, a long-time EA executive who was just promoted to EA’s chief design officer. With his promotion also comes a seat that’s already on fire due to the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy that led into some other EA high-profile titles and even some non-EA titles that have caught the attention of lawmakers around the world due to loot boxes being viewed as a form of gambling.

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SEGA Ages to bring Sega classics to Nintendo Switch


[Credits: Sega]

Today, SEGA has announced that they will be bringing back a series of classic SEGA titles on the Nintendo Switch. Developed by M2, the famed Japanese developer known for their high-quality ports of classic games, will be the ones responsible for the high-quality ports players will get to enjoy on their Nintendo Switch.

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God of War Review Round-Up: Step Aside Aloy, Kratos is Back


[Credits: SIE Santa Monica Studio]

Sony is already preparing for one of their biggest years yet. While they are indeed the publisher of several of the PlayStation 4’s powerhouse titles to be landing on their console this year, developers like Sony Santa Monica have had their work cut out for them in order to ensure that they keep up with Sony’s growing standards in what a game should be. After all, they’ve already been absolutely dominating this generation with the likes of Killzone: Shadowfall (albeit it was the weakest in the Killzone franchise), Horizon Zero DawnKnack, and even their biggest hit that has yet to release to the general public: God of War.

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Interview: Project Phoenix Rising with Visionary Games’ Captain Spicy


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching Visionary Games and their progress with their upcoming title Project Phoenix Rising. During this time, I’ve come to appreciate what the team has done, the designs for their champions, the designs for the minions, and even a pre-alpha design for pieces of their upcoming map for the game. In order to understand what the team is up to, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Captain Spicy, Lead Project Manager and get some answers regarding their game.

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DOOM II could be teased at E3 2018 and here’s a few features we’d love to have



[Credits: id Software]

It’s no surprise that Bethesda takes a lot of pride in the work their developers do. They’ve provided us with some of the most unusual and enjoyable masterpieces on the modern day market. As part of their goal to make some of the best looking games that offer us experiences and stories unlike any other, Bethesda and the developers under their umbrella have had their work cut out for them over the past few years.

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