The Endless Mission goes into Early Access on November 14th

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Having been in development for almost two years ow, The Endless Mission is a community-driven game that sees players play, hack, and create a world that exists behind the scenes of their favorite video game genres. E-Line Media has announced that their sandbox-style game is about to go into Early Access.

Games like The Endless Mission are unique in what they offer. It’s a game that allows players to create and share their own unique games within the game itself. We’ve seen this before thanks to games like Project Spark and Dreams.

Many of the features of the game will allow players to share their content with the community through the in-game Content Portal and the Hall of Celebration Mashup where they can tweak, remix, and hack to see the results of their creations in real-time.

The Endless Mission features the ability to enjoy fully realized RTS and Platforming games as well as their assets and mechanics being embedded within the game that players can use in the creation of their very own games. Those games can then be placed in A Hall of Celebration where curated User Generated Content (UGC) from the community and streamers will be featured.

Players will also find a unique casting of veteran voice talents including Sara Amini, Laura Bailey, Jennifer Hale, Courtenay Taylor, Alix Wilton Regan, Jamie Hunsdale, and Chantal Robert. Those looking to see what kind of game and experiences they can have can do so with the game having entered Early Access.

E-Line Media has confirmed that The Endless Mission will receive regular content updates that will include a new genre of game to play and create with under the racing genre and a multiplayer feature drop that is currently in development at the time of writing. You can check out The Endless Mission on Steam or Facebook today and get a feel for what to expect when it goes into the full launch at a later date.

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