Mighty DOOM is coming exclusively to Android and iOS in March 2023

While it may be a “cute” looking game, Alpha Dog Games’ upcoming title Mighty DOOM is going to be adorably violent, chaotic, and everything you love about the iconic franchise in a free-to-play title that will be coming to iOS and Android on March 21st, 2023.

When you hear the name DOOM, you don’t alway seem to throw the idea of “cute” around. For Alpha Dog Games, they saw that as a challenge, and they have gladly accepted that challenge with their upcoming free-to-play title called MIGHTY DOOM.

The upcoming title is set to launch on March 21st, 2023, and will be arriving exclusively for Android and iOS devices. The upcoming title will let players enjoy a single-touch action shooter title that will feature the all-new Mini Slayer. The goal of the game is simple: Run and gun your way through hordes of rather adorable brutal demons, iconic levels, and take on some rather challenging bosses along the way.

Nothing some DOOM fans can’t enjoy, right? Right. Well, for those wanting to jump into the game early, there is a pre-registration for the title live, which will require you to visit the official Mighty DOOM website in order to pre-register today.

But, if you don’t pre-register there is still a way to get some nifty little items. Those who play between March 21st, 2023, and April 20th, 2023, can receive the Mini Slayer’s Pack free with gear and exclusive weapons, just for logging in. That will include bonuses such as the Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin, Cacodemon Rocket Launcher Weapon Skin, 3 Equipment Keys, 1 Weapon Key, and 80 Crystals.

But, that’s not all. That little Mini Slayer you met in DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal? That’s your new playable character. How has this happened? Blame an unknown energy surge that has ripped through a Gibbo toy factory and has since transported the Mini slayer to an alternate dimension where the Mini Slayer must now rip and tear their way to rescue their stolen pet bunny named Daisy.

If you are a Slayers Club Member, you also have a nifty little gift on its way, which includes a club-themed Mini slayer skin in Mighty DOOM. You will need to log into the game and your Bethesda.net/Slayers Club account in order to access the contents.

The game will, as stated, be exclusive to iOS and Android at its launch this Spring.

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