S.C.A.R. from Savage Studios enters into Steam Early Access with Episode 1


Indie game Scar from the Greece-based indie team, Savage Studios, has entered Early Access with the game’s very first episode via Steam. There are demons, rockets, and a lot of retro fun to be had. Here’s your first look at Episode 1.

Savage Studios has already begun releasing content for their Steam Early Access title, S.C.A.R., which sees its very first episode released as of this week. The game’s name is short for Simulating Carnage and Rockets, which is exactly what the game tends to do, in very big and explosive ways in all its retro-styled glory with one heck of a roadmap ahead.


The Athens, Greece-based team has already begun to welcome players in a rather awesome fashion. Their title will welcome you in with a wide array of explosive and lethal weapons including a death-dealing rocket launcher, grenade launcher, shotguns, and well, many more types of those weapons that do all the damage you would hope they do.

The team will be, over time, adding in new episodes through the games Early Access period, adding in four more episodes over the course of four more major updates.

“We’re really excited to bring S.C.A.R’s first episode to Steam Early Access and get constructive feedback and player insights that we can add into the game for the next episodes. The game is heavily inspired by the retro shooters we’ve all come to know and love and we’re looking to put our own spin on that with S.C.A.R.” Said Giannis Kastritis, General Manager of Savage Studios.

The title is expected to enter into full launch in the upcoming months with a console release having yet to be announced. This might be one of those that will manage to fly just under your radar unless you go snag S.C.A.R. for $4.99 over on Steam.

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