ROCKFISH Games has delayed EVERSPACE 2’s Early Access

In order to provide an even more polished experience, ROCKFISH Games has revealed that they have pushed EVERSPACE 2’s Early Access on Steam back into Januar of 2021 in order to have a bit extra time to deliver additional content to the Early Access build.

The word “delay” seems to be rather common anymore. Whether it’s due to COVID-19, complications with teams finding areas they wish to improve or even the need to expand upon areas of their games. In a world with an ever-growing list of developers delaying their games, ROCKFISH Games has joined that list, having revealed their minor delay for their highly-anticipated title, EVERSPACE 2, which was set to originally launch into Early Access earlier this month.

Now, the team has revealed they have pushed their Early Access release back into January 2021 on Steam. This new timeframe gives them a chance to make additional content readily available at the time of Early Access release, giving fans more content to play when they can. However, they have released an all-new visual teasier for the “The Ancient Rifts” stretch goal that was achieved by the games successful Kickstarter campaign.

While the new level won’t be available at the launch of Early Access, it will be releasing later on and will allow the team to work on further development of the games additional endgame sector and allowing for fans to face down tougher challenges where high-quality loot can be obtained, but at a later date. The team has revealed that the end game loot, such as high-quality loot, won’t be available at the time of the Early Access release.

You can check out the official concept art of the ruins of The Ancients on Cephas II, a moon of the gas giant Cephas, and prepare for your adventures through the Union system up above. Meanwhile, you can check out the archived stream of Friday’s livestream event that took place in order to get your glimpse at the games early development progress.

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