World War 3’s developers have responded to its Early Access issues


In an attempt to take on the world-renowned Battlefield franchise, The Farm 51 has released their own take on war with World War 3. However, since its official launch into Early Access, many have not been able to connect to the game. For some, the nightmare still continues on, but the devs have been responding.

When you launch into Early Access – as a developer – there’s the full intention of everything working as it should. You expect your assets to load, your servers to run as you need and you also expect your game to perform as it should. However, that’s not been the case for Farm51 who has been plagued by issues since their game launched into Early Access over the weekend.

As part of their goal to keep the game up and running as well as offer the experiences they had in beta, Farm51 has revealed that they’ve been having issues with the master server and the game client itself communicating. In a few social media updates, the team has revealed they are working as hard and as fast as they can to make the game work as intended.

But, the problem is, the game still isn’t working for many, ourselves included in their latest set of problems.

But to the dismay of others, some are finally getting a chance to play World War 3 in its current state.

But there are those that are expressing their frustration and asking for a refund due to the games current state. But we know one thing, not all heroes wear capes.

While World War 3 remains plagued by problems, The Farm 51 has been hard at work updating the game. They’ve pushed out numerous updates in order to repair the game, making it playable for many who have been affected by the game-breaking server bugs that aren’t allowing many to enjoy the game at this time.

At this time World War 3 remains largely unplayable by many of its fans and seems as if it will be getting several updates in order to ensure the post-launch experience runs a bit smoother in the upcoming days.

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