Warframe: How Digital Extremes finds success while others of the kind struggle


How is it that a free-to-play title remains more relevant than some of today’s biggest blockbuster should-have-beens? Suit up, buckle in, and prepare to enter the world of Warframe.

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E3 2019: Ten of our most anticipated games and a few we hope to see


E3 is a great event for the gaming industry and the gaming community as a whole. It’s a time when some of the biggest announcements are made, previous announcements get fully unveiled, and even a few teases manage to make it out the door. With E3 just a little over a week away, it’s time to talk about what we hope to see. So let’s get to talking.

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The Children’s Corner: How Nintendo 3DS and the Switch might be best for the kids


Nintendo is by far one of the best on the market in making kid-friendly and family-friendly games as well as curating them for release on their platform. Here’s why we actually recommend them.

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Opinion: RAGE 2 isn’t actually an eight-hour game, it’s just not being played right


While many reviews are saying RAGE 2 is an eight-hour game, we’ve taken a deeper dive and decided to provide our thoughts regarding this matter, with our review currently being in progress.

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The Children’s Corner: There are some great benefits to your kids and gaming


There’s a lot of benefits in mental health and training, but are you aware of them all? On our first volume of The Children’s Corner for 2019, we’re here to discuss the benefits of gaming, for children, but also your self.

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What happens if you get banned from PlayStation Network?


After a recent debate, we decided to take a look at what actually happens if you get banned from PlayStation Network, and well, the details are grimmer than you might think.

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Shadow: My adventure so far with gamer-focused streaming services

Fallout 4_20180924010935

As streaming services prepare to reach their peak, we’ve decided to dive in, testing out Shadow from Blade Group, a streaming service that rents out a dedicated Windows 10 gaming experience. Here’s what we think so far with more to come over the course of this summer.

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Dying mother left her signature on her son’s Xbox Controller with a message


Credit: Afterglow13

Knowing you’re losing your loved one is tough, but making sure their memory remains is even tougher, and for this gamer, it’s even harder after his mother left her memory and a sweet farewell message on his Xbox One controller.

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Borderlands fans are review bombing the series over Epic Games Store exclusivity


The latest action may be a reason for Epic Games to refuse user reviews on their store as Borderlands gets review bombed over Borderlands 3 being a six month exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

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Final Fantasy XIV: How an FC called Azure Infinitum turned into family

Aurinik Lightfoot 04/02/2019 22:04:39

From toxic and abusive experiences to a reformed sense of community, Dustin opens up about the hardships he faced and how one FINAL FANTASY XIV community changed his experiences for the better.

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