25 Years of DOOM: Reflections of Ripping and Tearing over the years


For 25 years, Dustin has been ripping and tearing his way through one of the most beloved franchises in the history of gaming and now, he reflects on the series on both a personal and professional level. Let’s Rip and Tear.

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Diablo Immortal isn’t a bad idea, but other Diablo projects needed mentioning


During BlizzCon 2018, Diablo developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainmentrevealed the latest entry into the famed hack-and-slash franchise. Now, the company is feeling the heat from their fans, their shareholders and critics alike. But they aren’t wrong, it was a bad idea and here’s why.

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Opinion: While Sony is doing great in the current-gen, I’m worried about the PS5

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With the current momentum Sony has, the PlayStation 4 remains one of the best-selling consoles ever thanks to a solid set of first-party games, third-party offerings and a console that hits every mark it needs to remain at the top against their competitors, but now, we have to question one very obvious thing – can Sony go into the next generation this strong or will their flame burn out by that time? Let’s talk.

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Here’s what you need to know about Warframe’s Fortuna Update


Announced at TennoCon 2018, Warframe’s Fortunate update will see to that the game gets another massive expansion on par with the Plains of Eidolon expansion that released in 2017. As its approach grows nearer, it’s time to learn everything we can about the upcoming open-world expansion that will see Warframe fans take to the landscapes of Venus.

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