BioWare can try to revive Anthem, but it is worth it at this point?


In an interesting turn of events, BioWare has confirmed that they are hard at work on Anthem’s next big change, which sounds like a complete overhaul of the current system in place. The downside? It could still be in very early stages. 

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Negative Atmosphere interview with SunScorched Studios LTD CEO Calvin Parsons


With the upcoming title Negative Atmosphere still catching our attention, we [itched the idea of getting to sit down and discuss the upcoming title with Sunscorched Studios LTD’s CEO Calvin Parsons to learn more about the game. Here’s what we had the honor to learn about the game.

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Mortal Kombat 11: 11 Fighters we’d like to enter kombat with


After the full reveal of Mortal Kombat 11’s roster for the Kombat Pack, players finally know what to expect with Queen Sindel, T-800, and The Joker entering the fray. But what’s next after the Kombat Pass wraps in 2020? Well, we have a wishlist of fighters we hope to see including Brandon Lee’s, Eric Draven, and Princess Mileena.

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