The Internet is Responding to Nintendo Labo and Hilarity Ensues


The Nintendo Switch has been the slumbering giant that Nintendo needed to awaken. Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has been highly successful, the games for it have been a constant stream that has yet to slow. On top of that Nintendo’s Mini-Direct was pure gold and sent fans into a frenzy the moment the steady flow of upcoming games was announced.

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“Gaming Disorder”: Is it what fueled a man murdering his mother and a lethal swatting?



Credits: Brasil2


There seems to be a lot of news surrounding the gaming culture these days. First, we have the shooting of 28-year-old Andrew Finch who was at his mother’s house at the time a false call had been made, accusing Finch of having shot his father during an argument and was holding two more people hostage. According to the phone call placed by Tyler ‘SWAuTistic’ Barriss – a professional Swatter – had placed the fateful night that had led to the unlawful killing of an innocent father of two.

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Why Agony Will be the Most Unsettling Horror Game to Date


Agony has officially been announced as of Gamescom 2016 and is slated for a Quarter 2 release in 2018. It’s an upcoming first-person survival horror game being developed by Madmind Studio, a studio comprised of AAA developers. The game will be taking players through a horror-filled survival where they must fight their way through the inner circles of Hell. It is a place that is comprised of bone, sinew, sin, and demonic amalgamations made of human flesh.

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Here’s a List of Things We’d Like to See for the PS4 in 2018


2018 has been off to a great start. Sony broke nearly 6 million consoles sold during the holiday season and they even managed to bring some outstanding deals on some of this biggest hits to life in their “4 Weeks of Holiday Sales”. But with that having come to a slow end tomorrow, it’s time to set our eyes to the future and that’s exactly what Sony is ready to have us do.

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This War of Mine is a Heartbreaking Hidden Gem I’ve Come to Love


For nearly a year I’ve been obsessively playing This War of Mine on PC, Tablet, and PlayStation 4, but I never released my thoughts on just how impactful the game truly is.

My story starts off differently from the many others you may have heard. My trip wasn’t one I had expected when I first met a woman named Arica. I’d met her only hours after the bombs began to fall, gunshots echoed through the streets and bodies lay strewn about. Before then, I was your simple man, meeting simple people, but our situation was anything but simple.

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Opinion: I Suck at PUBG and That’s Okay


In recent days I’ve been requested to take my time and stream some PUBG when I get a chance. So low and behold I have. Often times on Twitch or Mixer so that viewers can interact with me and comment on my gaming antics. But what these viewers don’t know before they make that request? I suck at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I suck bad enough that I’m pretty sure my K/D/A on that game is lower than a .9 and that my win-to-loss ratio is at a 0%.

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This Borderlands Themed NES is Insane


What happens when you cross Borderlands with a classic Nintendo Entertainment System? You somehow get some of the coolest opportunities out there. You can make your NES look like CL4P-TP, even a D374-TP for that matter. However, what if you decided to be creative and throw all that away and do something a bit more unique? Like, you know, a Hyperion themed loot box for that matter.

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Opinion: EA is Going to Kill Anthem With Microtransactions


Anthem is beginning to become one of my most anticipated titles for next year. It’s a game that I’ve begun to cross my fingers in hopes that it could potentially be an answer to rivaling Destiny or The Division. A game that could take loot shooters to an all new level and even put EA onto an even playing ground with both Activision and Ubisoft.

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14 Upcoming Open World Games You Should Watch for in 2018


[Credits: Insomniac Games]

2017 is wrapping up. Quite literally wrapping up in just a few short days. Can you believe it? We certainly cant and it’s even sent us into picking our staff picks for 2017, but until then, we’ve begun to discuss open world games that we’re excited for in 2018. Ones that will be large scale, fully explorable, and could easily attempt to rival that of Assassin’s Creed Origins or even give Horizon Zero Dawn a run for its money.

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Need a Gift for a Gamer? Here’s a Few Ideas to Help You Out.


[Credits: Carlos Leituga]

 Lets face it. Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule and many more such holidays are preparing to get underway and that means last minute gift shopping is hard to do. Even with last minute shopping comes the hassle of making sure your gift arrives on time and that you may just not be able to complete what you are doing.

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