About the Writer – Tyvon J. Hunter



Tyvon J. Hunter, one of Blast Away the Game Review funniest and cool writers, “he enjoys long walks on the beach with a hoodie, shorts, socks, and flip-flops hahaha”. He is always looking for the next funniest moment and loves to play video games in his spare time when he isn’t sleeping or working to get “this money”.

He enjoys playing just about any game, if you recommend it, he’ll play it. Ever since he watched his mom play the Atari and he owned his Dreamcast playing Ray-man and Ready 2 Rumble. Whenever he has the time, he’s always willing to play a match or nineteen rounds of Call of Duty as well, so don’t think he’s stuck up and can’t get down with the cool kids, he will definitely beat your high score on anything, anytime, anywhere.

Some of his favorite series titles are Assassins Creed, Halo, Fable, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, and MLB: The Show. Sadly, due to his heavy retail full-time job schedule, he is often busy but over the next year, his goal is to have 1 Million followers on a streaming platform.

Tyvon has worked for Blast Away the Game Review and has loved working hand in hand with the CEO, Dustin Murphy, and continues to partner with him on how he can make his stay with the team better and how he can evolve as a writer himself. Tyvon is in absolute with Marvel and dreams of working there one day on their public relations team as the Mass Communications and Public Relations director.  

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