Review: Smoke and Sacrifice – Sacrifices, Smoke, and a Sun God


Smoke and Sacrifice is the debut title for independent developer Solar Sail Games. In the title, players take on the role of Sachi, a mother in mourning who wants to know the truth behind her child’s disappearance and sets out on a wild quest to find proof of his existence in the world after a sacrifice that she believes to have been faked. Find out what we thought with our review of the Nintendo Switch indie title.

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Here’s 10 games that you didn’t see a whole lot of during E3 2018


With E3 having come to an end last Thursday, there’s been a lot of news to sift through, however, some of the news we didn’t see pertained to some of our most anticipated games that are currently in development. Unfortunately, they were only available on the showroom floor. Here are 10 games we’d love to have seen during E3 2018.

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Earthfall announced at E3, coop gameplay trailer released


Earthfall is an upcoming cooperative title by independent developer Holospark and publisher Gearbox, which will see players prepare to take on an alien invasion unlike any other. The upcoming title was revealed during E3 2018 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one at a later date. Earthfall is currently available on PC via Early Access.

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