Bungie Has Taken Down Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine for Now, Outlines PC Release


Trials of the Nine is the icing on the cake for Destiny 2 players whom like to take on extreme competitive play in order to unlock astonishing rewards, but that is changing according to a blog post by Bungie’s community manager Chris Shannon. In the post, Shannon has stated that Bungie has disabled Trials of the Nine for the next couple of weeks. The cause? A glitch that allows players to use the Monty Python-inspired Bureaucratic Walk and go outside of a maps boundaries.

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Sony Music Entertainment Announces a Indie Game Publishing Label Unties


Last Standard [Credits: Sony/I]

Sony has been making major moves within the gaming industry as of late. The PlayStation 4 has absolutely been dominating in the global market, they’ve realigned their business to help boost the sales of indie titles, and even welcome in some of the industries younger teams. The company has even made powerful strides into the VR market. However, today may highlight something a bit new for Sony Music Entertainment.

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Killing Floor 2’s Halloween Event is Now Live

Killing Floor 2 - Halloween Horrors03

Halloween is almost here and to help prepare us for it, game developers are starting to release their content for fans to enjoy. Among them comes Tripwire’s game Killing Floor 2, which has invaded PCs and console around the world. Today, however, the company has now announced that fans on PC and PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro, can now partake in their Halloween-themed Killing Floor 2 event known as “Halloween Horrors”.

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Visceral Games to Cease Function According to EA’s Recent Announcement


Known for their outer space sci-fi horror series Dead Space, Visceral Games studio has been one that seemed to have a lot of promise, and potential with the series. They were eventually moved on to work on titles such as Battlefield: HardlineDante’s Infernoand an unreleased Star Wars title, which would be something along the lines as the Uncharted series. However, according to EA’s Vice President Patrick Söderlund, the studio is being closed down.

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YesOjo is Working on a Nintendo Switch Projector


When we have a Nintendo Switch with us, we may not always have a T.V. where we are at. We may not always even have our current T.V. even available or you may be at a convention or party where a television may not be available. That may not be the case much longer thanks to a company called YesOjo, whom just happens to be working on a project called the Ojo Projector. It’s task is simple: It wasn’t to be the projector for your Nintendo Switch.

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ECHO Director Martin Emborg Announces Release Date and More


The launch of indie game ECHO is almost finally upon us as the game is set to launch on PlayStation 4 here in just a few days. For those unfamiliar with ECHO, lets take a quick peek and help you quickly become acquainted with this science fiction title that has fans of stealth games whispering in the dark.

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God Eater 3 is Headed to North America


Since its release in the America’s, God Eater has been a franchise that has taken fans by storm, and has surely since satiated the hunger for Monster Hunter style games for PlayStation fans. The latest title has been announced for the America’s under the name of God Eater 3, which will serve as a direct continuation of the God Eater franchise, but also the direct story from God Eater 2 Rage Burst.

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PlayStation 4 System 5.0 ‘Nobunaga’ Update is Finally Here With New PS4 Pro Options


[Credits: Sony]

The long awaited PlayStation 4 firmware 5.0 codenamed NOBUNAGA is finally upon us. Currently, the update is being deployed across all of PSN and comes with some highly requested features including enhanced Twitch broadcasting options for PlayStation 4 Pro users, Family on PSN, Team Tournaments, new language options, the ‘Follow Anyone” option and many more.

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Nioh is Headed to PC via Steam Next Month


Since its exclusive release on PlayStation 4, Nioh has been one of the most beloved dark fantasy action-RPGs in recent years. The game has been met with both critical and commercial success when it launched last year, by taking fans to never-before-seen stories within Japan’s history. Today, Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh: Complete Edition will be headed to PC via Steam this fall.

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