Agony Unrated to release Oct. 31, Switch version announced


After an odd turn of events prevented the original Agony UNRATED from being released, Madmind Studios, the team behind the Hellscape filled horror title, has revealed that they have been given the green light to release the UNRATED version of the game. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Splash Damage is ending development for F2P title Dirty Bomb


In recent days, a lot of free-to-play games have struggled to maintain their player base or even sustain themselves through microtransactions that help support the game. Today, Splash Damage has revealed that Dirty Bomb is going into a low-end production mode that won’t feature new SDKs, mercs or maps.

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Peter Pound brings Mad Max: Fury Road style vehicles to World of Tanks Blitz


As the haunting season begins, developers around the world are preparing for their own ability to celebrate with in-game events. Among them comes World of War Tanks Blitz featuring Mad Max: Fury Roads’ Pricinple Vehicle Designer and Concept Artist Peter Pound.

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