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Blast Away the Game Review or B.A.T.G.R. as referred to, is a team of video gaming journalists who have a high passion and dedication for bringing forth the Blast Away The Game Review is a team of video game reviewers that have a high passion for video games. The reviews are based on personal completion of video game experience as well as cooperation among the review team. The ultimate goal when reviewing is to give, you the reader, an experience that you can take away from and feel satisfied with.

Our ultimate goal is to be recognized in the industry; to be seen as professional reviewers that are respected, and ultimately asked to give critical feedback of games by leading and aspiring professionals in the gaming industry. All games reviewed are purchased out of pocket or provided to us by the companies who have placed their faith in us with, and played by us, and beaten by us. All games are normally reviewed with all available content purchased and downloaded.

Please note that MMO titles will be hard to review as they will take days if not weeks to actually complete, which means no immediate review will be available at the time of review. Some reviews will be revisited as we will review the beta and then the finished products.

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