Preview: JCB Pioneer: Mars – Mars is Harsh and Deadlier than Ever


[Credits: Atomicom]

At its core, JCB Pioneer: Mars is a survival game that imagines players taking on the role of an astronaut whom has been forced to colonize Mars after their lander has crashed on the planets surface. The game is a unique partnership between the industrial vehicle manufacturer JCB, European astrophysicist Dry. Maggie Lei, and indie developer studio Atomicom. In Early Access on steam, we get to see what the realistic colonization of Mars may look like within the next several years as plans for such an endeavor have gotten underway in the real world.

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QuakeCon 2017: The Evil Within 2 – Hands-On Impressions: Evil Does Exist


If you’ve played the smash-hit title from 2014, there’s no shortage of such horror based atmospheres, spine-chilling scares, and even moments of urgency where one mistake can lead to an untimely death. Unlike the previous title, The Evil Within 2 seems to be a departure from what made the original game as unique as it was, and now improves upon the flak the game received for failing to let players make more choices due to its linear approach to gameplay.

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Hands-On With Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus at QuakeCon 2017

During QuakeCon 2017, I was invited to an early access of the showroom floor. There I would get to see a glimpse of all of Bethesda’s upcoming titles that are on preview during the show. Machine Games’ upcoming follow-up to Wolfenstein: The New Order is set to hit shelves this October. The original title was seen as a massively accepted reboot for the classic franchise that kick-started the entirety of the first-person shooter genre.

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Black Desert Online – A Guide for Beginner’s


Before you begin, you need to know that Black Desert Online isn’t just your average MMORPG by any means. The game is mechanically one of the largest and most difficult games to learn for those whom aren’t accustomed to tutorials. If you’re just getting started, the game is one that has a lot of great ideas, many of them are right under the games hood, which makes some of its core systems rather enjoyable. While it’s one of the best out there, there’s no doubt that the learning curve is steep, and one that will send players reeling when they begin to learn crafting, trading, and the base bit of adventuring.

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Fortnite Tips and Tricks: 6 Essential Tips You Need to Survive the Storm With


With many years of eager anticipation, the day has finally come that we’ve gotten our hands on Fortnite by legendary developer and publisher Epic Games. The game, as you can imagine, has been in the making for many years, and for a while it even managed to fall into obscurity, which lead many to thinking it was cancelled. As of Tuesday, that’s not the case as many have been grinding out countless hours, and have managed to mow down countless swarms of zombies.

There’s no doubt I have, I’ve had quite a bit of fun doing it, and for breaks, I farmed for materials as well as countless resources. I’ve even managed to gather schematics, recruit a few pals, and cause a bit of mayhem with the lads. If you wonder where my progress spend, there’s no doubt that this rather playful and cartoonish co-op based tower defense meets base-building shooter has dragged me in and not let me escape. Without further ado, lets enter Blast Away the Game Review to be a news publisher that decided to kick-in the games metaphorical doors and join the party.

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The First Impressions of Destiny 2’s Beta are Remarkable


Since we were unable to attend E3 2017, Destiny 2 was well out of reach. We’d been unable to even get a glimpse of the game except for small press-kits here or there, and the bit of news that would trickle out from developer Bungie. For most enjoying the beta on PlayStation 4, the beta started yesterday while just launching on Xbox One today. If you are on the go and want a version to listen to, you can check out our YouTube version as well.

While we will have plenty of more time with the beta in the upcoming days, there’s no doubt that within four hours, I felt like I got to see almost all of what the beta offered in order to enjoy the game to its fullest to this point. In comparison to the Destiny 1 alphas and betas, Destiny 2 is significantly smaller in what it has to offer, but executes itself as a rather entertaining experience that fans can jump into quite easily.

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Monster Hunter World Gets a 20 Minute Gameplay Video


At E3 2017 during the Sony press conference, publisher and developer Capcom wasn’t shy about their new Monster Hunter title named Monster Hunter World. The title stirred a lot of buzz from hardcore fans to those that have yet to touch the franchise.  So much buzz that fans were giving both positive and negative feedback about the idea of an open-world title.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Launches Tomorrow and Here’s a Tutorial for the Samurai

Beginning Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood can be a bit of a headspin. So in order to keep that from happening, you can check out our beginner guide to the new job down below.

About the Writer:


Dustin is our native console gamer, PlayStation and Nintendo reviewer who has an appetite for anything that crosses the boarders from across the big pond. His interest in JRPG’s, Anime, Handheld Gaming, and Pizza is insatiable. His elitist attitude gives him direction, want, and a need for the hardest difficulties in games, which is fun to watch, and hilarity at its finest. You can find him over on TwitterGoogle+, and or you can find him on PSN with RaivynLyken.

Marvel Heroes Omega Hands-On – A Fist-Swinging Good Time


You know you’re onto something when you take what made franchises such as DiabloSacred, and Ultimate Alliance staple points within the gaming industry and throw a Marvel infused cocktail into the mix. This is just what Gazillion and Marvel have done with their recently having entered open beta title Marvel Heroes Omega, which takes on a unique twist for super hero games. Set as a free-to-play Marvel themed dungeon crawling MMO, Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy about what their game does or how it even does it. It’s an experience that console gamers are getting a fresh taste of as of late.

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Preview: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta


Over the span of ten years, Ghost Recon has been a series that has evolved multiple times, and even devolved multiple times. Our latest entry, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is no exception to this, and this newest iteration forgoes our previous experiences with the third person shooter series. It’s one that ditches ongoing war efforts against enemy countries such as Spain, Russia, and even Mexico. It’s a game that decides to throw a curve ball and head straight for the urban jungle territories of Bolivia. In this location the Ghosts are tasked with taking down a drug cartel and even overthrowing the current regime, which just happens to be taken over by the narcos there.

However, there’s a few things that players will notice about this game. It feels like Just Cause 3 in the aspect of competitive play being absent, weapons, gear, and loadouts have no stats. Better said by a colleague of mine: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is The Divison 2.0, but without being locked inside of New York or dealing with a viral outbreak.


Ghost Recon Wildlands is About Hostile Takeover

While you already know you are being tasked with taking out the Santa Blanca cartel and disrupting their pats on the back of the government, you also know you are being tasked to assassinate, and overthrow the cartel all together. This means players will liberate towns in order to build up a reputation with the local rebellion, and lead your four-man team of Ghosts through Bolivia without backup.

Just remember, the SBC and the local military will fight back, and they have much bigger guns. Don’t look so down, just remember, you’re ghosts, so tactics matter. Just remember to have a sniper ready to pop off gunners and drivers whenever possible. This also means those new friends you made? Y’know, the locals? They’re a good idea to have on your back while attempting to overthrow their oppressive leaders and moving on. This can be done by killing off the leaders, clearing camps, and just helping them out with side missions.

Also, they make an awesome valet service for when you need those vehicles of yours, or y’know, a friendly mortar strike right into the enemies backyard.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Has A Lot of Locale Sights and Goods

If you’ve ever wondered if you’d decide to stop on a hill top and take a gander, you will. Ghost Recon has a lot to offer you as you find yourself strolling about or taking across the lands in cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, airplanes, and even motorcycles. If you are up for opening up fire from the tree lines, this is fully plausible, and something you can do. That’s assuming you aren’t taking a few seconds to watch the realistic rain fall, the mud caking your boots, and your friends leaning out the windows like a couple of dimwits.

After all, you can always ditch them, parachute out of a plane and go through Bolivia to take on a sampling of the local goods. That includes finding hidden intel, interrogating a couple of enemies, and even finding a stash of some equipment for your load-outs. Just remember, silencers are your best friend, and they’ll be very useful to have while sneaking around.

However, one of the most important experiences remains hidden. Don’t forget to tag enemies, locales, and niceties they may like. Why? Sharing is caring and that is something you can’t forget. Whether it’s launching out a grenade, landing a plane, or simply just flying around, sampling everything is important while taking your friends on this tropical getaway. Mostly because the A.I. can’t appreciate the wacky things that’ll happen.


Closing Thoughts

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands left a lot to be desired from the Closed Beta. Whether it was from the character customization to the laughable moments of my team not flying out of a rolling over truck, Ghost Recon is back. However, if you’re a fan of the competitive side? You’ll have to hold your breath for now as competitive play was incognito from the Beta and could be until post-launch.

About the Writer:


Dustin is our native console gamer, PlayStation and Nintendo reviewer who has an appetite for anything that crosses the boarders from across the big pond. His interest in JRPG’s, Anime, Handheld Gaming, and Pizza is insatiable. His elitist attitude gives him direction, want, and a need for the hardest difficulties in games, which is fun to watch, and hilarity at its finest. You can find him over on TwitterGoogle+, and or you can find him on PSN with RaivynLyken.