Review: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Bigger, Better, and Meaner


+Absolutely remarkable graphics, animations, and sound quality
+Weapons are bigger, better, and upgradeable
+New rig kits are absolutely amazing and fun to use
+Side missions are a blast to take part in
+Old enemies feel more threatening than ever before

-Game crashes do become problematic from time-to-time

How do you talk about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and not mention the fact you’re going to punch Nazis in the face? How do you not mention the fact the game also touches on racism, sexism, fascism, and how to be a patriotic scumbag to the Nazi regime? How do you not mention that this game, in ways, feels like it’s part Quentin Tarantino and part Steven Spielberg. It’s a game where an extremely pregnant Anya has ripped off her shirt, grabbed her guns, and lit up a group of Nazis with a well-deserved shower of lead.

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Review: The Evil Within 2 – There’s a Secret Deep Within Us All

The Evil Within® 2_20171012143427

Characters are more believable and human than ever before
+Offers different approaches to combat
+Not all enemies attack the same, making combat harder, and more difficult than before
+Tons of hidden collectibles and resonances for players to go through
+Graphics, sound, and even acting is top-tier

-Hearing Castellanos say “What the-” phrases wears thin after a few hours

When I first experienced The Evil Within 2 during my time at QuakeCon 2017, I knew I was already getting into something big. The world had changed around me, the situation was similar, but nothing remained the same. Sure, I had ended up seeing the similarities between Shinji Mikami’s previous work on Resident Evil show due to the parallel’s that had been drawn between some evil corporation, mutants in a virtual (can we call it that?) world, and even their shady doings.

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Opinion: Wolfenstein II: New Colossus Has One of the Best Marketing Campaigns Ever


Lets admit it. Games such as HaloDestiny, and DOOM have had solid marketing campaigns. They’ve been strong, unique, and completely badass campaigns, but there’s one above them all that decided to come in, punch a Nazi in the face, and walk away with its strawberry milkshake. What game is that? Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

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‘Wolfenstein’ Has Always Been Anti-Nazi and Nothing Has Changed


Whether you like it or not, the truth is there, and Bethesda Softworks isn’t ashamed to tell you: Wolfenstein is about killing Nazis. It always has been, always will be, and more-than-likely won’t change from that ideology in any way, shape, or form unless something new and more inspiring comes around. This creative pattern can be considered the heart and soul of the franchise since its inception in 1981.

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Opinion: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Doesn’t Comment on Today’s Political Climate


“NOT MY AMERICA”. What do you think of when you read those words? Do you see it as a bold political statement against Nazi’s and the current political climate? Do you see it as a way for fans to rally against white supremacy or negative outlooks on the current state of our country? Or do you see it as a way to promote the games fictional 1960’s America, where the German’s had succeeded in their campaign to expand the German Empire, and serve as the most powerful regime in history?

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Prey’s Demo is Coming Later This Month

Today, our friends at Bethesda has announced that Prey will be receiving a free demo coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month. How can you obtain the demo? On April 27th, fans can head to the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store in order to download the demo ahead of the games launch on May 5th.

The demo will take place on the Talos I within the opening hour of the game, which will give players a taste of the horrors that await them. Just like in the campaign, the “Prey Demo: Opening Hour”, players will get to take the role of Morgan Yu, the lead scientist on Talos I. The job he has leads him to make a gigantic scientific breakthrough that could change humanity forever.  Unfortunately, aliens have overrun the Talos I. Now, all you can do is investigate the aliens that have taken over and figure out why.

Are you ready to fight to survive?

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