Did Arkane Studio Just Hint at Prey Receiving Moon Themed DLC?


Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s Prey account has been rather active, releasing admirable tweets since the game was released. Some of it appreciative pieces for fans that love the game, other bits of it about the game itself, while more-often-than-not, it’s just been the usual game-themed content.

However, recently the account tweeted a gif with the words “Do we really know what’s out there?” While some would say it’s a nice little nod towards the recently re-established series X-Files, we can rest assured it’s probably not and that Arkane Studios may be gearing up for Bethesda’s BE3 pre-alpha show, which kicks off Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 6pm PST.

While being hailed as a critical success, Prey wasn’t necessarily the smash-hit series that Bethesda and Arkane Studios wanted, but it is one of the most artistically impressive games on the market. However, the game is part of Bethesda Games’ commitment to their single-player games, even if they don’t sell as intended, or even meet the expected goals for sales.

While Prey would certainly benefit from DLC or an expansion, the game has only been available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One since May of 2016. The only expectation we could have in regards to this tease? A Nintendo Switch or VR version of the game. What’re your thoughts regarding the gif? Do you think they’re hinting at a DLC, a VR version or perhaps a Nintendo Switch port of the game? If you haven’t played the game, you can read our review of Prey here, which was scored at a 10 out of 10.


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