The Elder Scrolls Online is heading into the legendary lands of Skyrim

SotD - TGA 2019 Trailer Screenshot 9.jpg

Bethesda has confirmed that the trailer highlighting the end of the Season of the Dragon, a year-long adventure, can prepare to head into the legendary lands of Skyrim. 

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id Softwares “Mars Madness” is a Hilarious Take on March Madness



Credits: id Software/Bethesda


With March Madness having finally arrived, college basketball fans across the states are preparing to cheer their teams on as the season begins to come to a wrap. However, what happens when id Software, the minds behind DOOM and Quake Champions gets involved? You get their own personal event called “Mars Madness”, a tournament based on fans votes to see what demon they think will win it all and send the others packing back to Hell.

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Bethesda has Revealed Their Pre-E3 Show Date With a Nifty Little Trailer



‘BE3 2016’ | Credits: Bethesda

As the dates for E3 have already begun to quickly approach us, Bethesda Softworks has already been hard at work preparing for their annual pre-E3 showcase. For E3 2018, the publisher has announced that their fourth dedicated E3 event will take place on Sunday, June 10, at 6:30pm PST.

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