The Elder Scrolls: Blades gets PvP, Guilds, and the ability to visit towns


Since its launch, The Elder Scrolls: Blades has continued to get a steady stream of updates and as of late, that hasn’t changed as Bethesda has released another massive update featuring community-requested features and some massive changes to the game itself.

While fans are undoubtedly still awaiting the launch of The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Nintendo Switch, Bethesda has continued to deliver a steady stream of community-requested features in the latest update for the Android and iOS title.

In Update 1.5, players can enjoy features such as the ability to visit another player’s town, enjoy PvP against other players, and even enlist in a guild if they choose to. The update also sees the removal of all chest timers from the game, allowing players to quickly access their unlockables.

You can check out the official list of changes down below:

  • Arena mode PvP is here – Instantly available for everyone, Arena mode allows players to battle one-on-one against others for loot and glory once they reach level 5. Each victory in the best-of-three battles will help players advance up the in-game leaderboards.
  • Major Loot Overhaul – Update 1.5 brings with it the removal of Chest timers, one of the most highly-requested changes. All rarity levels of chests will now open immediately, and players will no longer have to wait to see what’s inside. The update also offers increased loot from enemies as well as a boss fight at the end of every job that will provide players with greater rewards than usual upon their defeat.
  • Build your guild – In addition to Arena mode, players can now experience Blades with friends through the brand-new guild system. Create guilds to trade items with guildmates, visit their towns and represent them by making a name for yourself in the arena.
  • Holiday Content – Finally, update 1.5 spreads holiday cheer to players with a new winter theme for towns along with holiday decorations, special bundles and discounts in the store through December.

Along with the news and changelogs, you can also check out the official Update 1.5 as seen below.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is available as a free-to-play title on Android and iOS with a Nintendo Switch version currently in development.

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