Metal Gear Rising Among the Games Joining Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility List

Are you a fan of keeping your backlog of Xbox 360 games? If so, you are in luck as Microsoft has announced that two more games have joined the list as of today. As part of the ever growing list to ensure that Xbox 360 fans can enjoy their classic games, Microsoft has announced that the fan favorite spin-off title from the Metal Gear Solid franchise has joined the list next to ScreamRide.


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Review: LawBreakers – To Zero Gravity or Not to Zero Gravity?


Competitive FPS titles aren’t something new. Thanks to games such as Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment, the hero themed fps genre has seen itself grow exponentially over the course of the past year. Games such as Dirty Bomb and Paladin’s have seen success because the reemergence of the genre thanks to the success of Blizzard. To join the genre comes the new kid on the block developed by Boss Key Productions lead by former Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski himself.

Reviewed on PC and PlayStation 4. PC Hardware Used:

  • Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Game Ready Plus
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
  • RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance

While LawBreakers certainly is an FPS title at its core, it embraces everything Overwatch did and openly gives the entire genre itself the giant bird without caring about the results. From an initial look, Boss Key’s first game may look like your typical 5v5 “hero shooter”. Mostly due to the fact that every character brings a unique appearance, set of weapons, combat maneuverability, and  set of abilities to the table.

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Review: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Senua’s Personal Hell is Now Yours

+Astonishing use of audio and visual queues providing an immersive cinematic experience
+New motion capture technology uses provide a movie-like experience out of a game
+Combat is quick, difficult, and offers little forgiveness
+No loose ends within the games story

Minor glitches and bugs during cutscenes

Warning: This review contains a hefty amount of spoilers. If this is not something for you, we suggest you please head back to our main page and find an article that may be more suited for you. If you continue on, please know you are reading on at your own discretion and our reviewer can not be held liable for you doing so.

Hellblade_ Senua's Sacrifice™_20170807230510

From the moment I first stepped into Senua’s world, I was instantly greeted by something unforeseen, something terrible, and something that would take me by the hand in order to guide me through Senua’s world. A world I would never imagined would be real to those whom live with her ailment. An mental illness known as psychosis. Initially, I thought my adventure would be one of healing, redemption, and vengeance against those whom wronged her and her beloved Dillion.

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Overwatch’s Summer Games Returns This Month


Were you one of the many that missed out on Overwatch’s Summer Games event last year? We were too, but our chance has come to experience the games unique mode called “Lúcioball”, which will be making its return here rather quickly. For those unfamiliar with Lúcioball, the mode features two teams of Lúcio players as they dart across the map trying to score as many points as possible, and it’ll be the centerpiece for this years Summer Games as well.

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Ubisoft Has Announced Pre-Orders For Some Adorable Rainbow Six Siege Figurines


If you’re a fan of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which lives on thanks to the support of fans and Ubisoft, you’re in luck if you’ve been looking to collect some collectibles. Today the company has announced that they have released the SIX Collection Chibi, a set of 5 exclusive figurines inspired by characters from the game.

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Review: Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire – All Sins are Forgiven

+Extremely light dialogue that obligates players to moral choices.
+Combat is easy to learn and easy to adapt to, but patience is key midway in.
+Extremely nice art style, music, and sound effects

-The full story requires both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions.
-Cutscenes are sparse and told through static animations
-Combat can, at times, become too difficult

Fallen Legion_20170513205838

What do you do if you are a princess or a prince and you are handed the keys to a kingdom? Those keys also come with a magical, talking book, and its insurmountable amount of knowledge. This talking book isn’t just talking. It’s one that served as you father, the kings, prized possession with its limitless advice and knowledge it contains that can help you become the ruler you need to be for your people. It is a book that will help you take on the tasks needed in order to restore your empire, and help your peoples.

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Review: Warframe: Chains of Harrow – Horror Comes to Space

Adds unforeseen elements of psychological horror elements into Warframe
+Continues to extend the lore behind the Tenno
+Rell is an absolutely captivating character
+Earths re-modeling is absolutely amazing

-Harrow is hard to find and must be farmed from random targets
-Mission complete screens take away from player immersion

Editor’s Note: This review does contain spoilers. We suggest you pass on reading this write-up if you plan on enjoying the story. If you do read below here, please acknowledge that you have been warned, and we are not to be held responsible for you doing so.


Since the day Digital Extremes released Warframe, there’s no doubt the developer has made strides to continue growing their smash-hit free-to-play title. It’s a game that has yet to even cease its growth over the past three years. With the game now having a lore, in-depth backstories, and an upcoming open world; Digital Extremes has set up an amazing future for their game. Last week PlayStation 4 was given the long-awaited Chains of Harrow update, which features an entirely new story, and even a new Warframe by the name of Harrow.

To usher in his approach, they also introduced Harrows unique set of weapons, his syndana, and the frames former users backstory. To begin, Chains of Harrow isn’t what you’re expecting. The recent content update comes with a unique take on the Warframe universe and even delves into some of the games backstory (you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve done Second Dream). The story behind Chains of Harrow begins when players take on the quest it starts out weirder than any of the games previous quests.

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Destiny 2 Beta On PC Has Been Dated, But Will You Meet the System Requirements?

Destiny 2 Beta_20170719201738

While the console betas seemed to go on without a hitch, fans got to dive in, and try to take back the Last City starting on July 19th till July 25th. While there was surely quite a few players that attended, we are unsure just how many played in it, and if the attendance could even boast about Destiny’s 4.6 million players, which broke several records for beta users attending during a new IP beta on consoles.

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CD PROJEKT RED is Having a Gwent Tournament at GamesCom 2017


Have you been playing Gwent, which is based off of the in-game Collectible Card Game built within The Witcher III? If you’ve been mastering your skills, building a highly competitive deck, and showing your opponents how skilled you are, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably come to perfect what you are wanting to do with it.

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Fortnite Tips and Tricks: 6 Essential Tips You Need to Survive the Storm With


With many years of eager anticipation, the day has finally come that we’ve gotten our hands on Fortnite by legendary developer and publisher Epic Games. The game, as you can imagine, has been in the making for many years, and for a while it even managed to fall into obscurity, which lead many to thinking it was cancelled. As of Tuesday, that’s not the case as many have been grinding out countless hours, and have managed to mow down countless swarms of zombies.

There’s no doubt I have, I’ve had quite a bit of fun doing it, and for breaks, I farmed for materials as well as countless resources. I’ve even managed to gather schematics, recruit a few pals, and cause a bit of mayhem with the lads. If you wonder where my progress spend, there’s no doubt that this rather playful and cartoonish co-op based tower defense meets base-building shooter has dragged me in and not let me escape. Without further ado, lets enter Blast Away the Game Review to be a news publisher that decided to kick-in the games metaphorical doors and join the party.

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