XSEED Games unveils a massive line-up for 2018


It’s not often you get an email, one that’s filled to the brim with exciting information regarding both games new and old. Luckily for us, all of these games look exciting, are exciting, and the franchises they are from are some of the most renowned around the world by XSEED fans both new and old. With a new lineup featuring many of their famed franchises, XSEED Games has announced that Marvelous will be kicking off their offerings starting on April 25, 2018 with a PC re-release of the once Xbox 360 exclusive Bullet Witch.

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NIS America President Releases Apology Statement after Sony Remarks


[Credits: NIS America/SNK]

 It almost seems that no matter where you turn, something has happened somewhere in the gaming industry and sometimes, just sometimes, it may rub some people the wrong way. That may just happen to be the case for NIS America CEO and president Takuro Yamashita when he gave a recent interview with the UK trade publication MCV about NIS’ growing support for the Nintendo Switch.

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Let’s Group: 6 Upcoming Coop Games to watch for in 2018


‘GTFO’ [Credits: 10 Chamber Collective]

We all do it once in a while, get the guys and gals together, jump in a party and take on a few super baddies for us to face off against some of the biggest threats we’ve yet to experience. While many games have already done so in their own unique ways, several of these upcoming games haven’t and each of them offers their own unique experiences for us to enjoy.

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Boss Key Releases Battle Royale title Radical Heights, Ditches LawBreakers

radical-heights-boss-key-01 (2)

For fans of LawBreakers there seemed to be a bit of hope as studio Boss Key Productions seemed to be gearing up for new content for their troubled game. However, yesterday, Boss Key Productions proved everyone wrong and announced their free-to-play Battle Royale title Radical Heights.

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Bethesda Reveals New Champion for Quake Champions, Strogg


[Credits: id Software/Bethesda]

During the PAX East Bethesda Gameplay Day, id Software has revealed the upcoming plans for the April update, which will feature a new champion by the name of Strogg – one of the franchise’s fiercest warriors as well as a newly revealed a new Cthala-themed map. Along with their busy weekend, id Software and Bethesda have revealed a rather busy Quake esports events calendar. So let’s find out what’s in store for Quake Champions.

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SNK Heroines to Launch on Switch and PS4 on September 7


[Credits: NIS/SNK]

The wait is almost over for those looking to get their hands on SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy when it launches on Sept. 7, 2018, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. As players prepare themselves to lay down a solid smackdown, bone-crunching drop kicks, suplexes, and a variety of other attacks, SNK has announced a new fighter entering the ring this summer.

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Ys VIII: Dana of Lacrimosa to Release on PC Next Week, Details Released



[Credits: NIS America]

Today, NIS America has revealed that fans looking to take on the latest adventure with Adol, Dana, Laxia, and company, can begin to do so next week on PC via GOG and Steam. On Monday, April 16th, 2018, when the game releases, NIS America has confirmed that the game will release with all DLC made available, including updated text in order to ensure fans get the most out of their game.

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Skyrim VR release for PC, System Requirements released


[Credits: Bethesda]

Have you had the itch to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR on your gaming PC? Fear no more as it’s time for you to relieve that problematic itch that needs to be scratched. Released this week, Bethesda has revealed that the PC release is now available through SteamVR. Additionally, the publisher has announced this release comes with the core game as well as all official add-ons including Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind is Now Available


[Credits: Bethesda]

Featuring more than 140 new cards, all-new-three-attribute cards, new abilities, keywords, puzzles, increased deck sizes, and plenty more to enjoy, Bethesda has announced that starting now, players can now embark on this new adventure on Android, iOS, Steam, PC, and MAC as a free update starting now.

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BAFTA Young Designer winner, Dan Smith announce The Spectrum Retreat


Today, Ripstone Games and BAFTA Young Game Designer winner, Dan Smith have announced that their upcoming game The Spectrum Retreat, which won through its prototype in 2016 when Dan was only 18. With the support of publisher Ripstone, Dave Smith has been able to continue on building an intriguing and challenging first-person puzzle game. On top of the announcement, Ripstone and Dan Smith are excited to reveal that The Spectrum Retreat will be launching this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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