Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Review – Offline Training, Story and fun?

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION CODE FAIRY comes in offering more story to the One Year war and giving the franchise some story-driven love. Does it deliver on its promises as a story for the Zeon squad codenamed “Noisy Fairy”? Let’s find out.

+Great Gameplay and Controls
+Amazing suit design
+Bonuses for GBO2 

-Situation planning can be a bit rough and exact
-The story is nothing really new

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy (Henceforth just Code Fairy because…. phew that name is a long one) is a companion game to Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 and a standalone story that is set in an era known as the Universal Century (UC) during an era every Gundam fan will know, the One Year War. This sets the tone for the entire story and makes the situation easy to understand if you’re a fan and that’s really the thing with the entire game, a Gundam fan will be knowledgeable of the nuances and the characters mentioned throughout, but if you aren’t a fan of Gundam and are not aware of the numerous characters, plots, and Mobile Suits it will be a lot to take in without looking up information in the gallery. However, aside from the fact that this game is made for Gundam fans the gameplay aspect will be much easier to pick up. 

First thing to know is that there are three volumes in this game and each covers (surprisingly) about a third of the total story. The total story covers the exploits of “Noisy Fairy” a Zeon squad during the One Year War and each volume develops the situation a little further. Each volume has its own climax and focal points, but playing only one will be very confusing and will leave you wanting. However, there is enough “meat” to each story that you will be happy that you got to experience the chapters.

Each chapter plays out on a single map that may include training before the mission starts

Each chapter is set into one mission with two parts that will generally be taking place in one map area. Sometimes there is training, sometimes other things happen (no spoilers here) but no matter what you will learn how to use your suits to their fullest if you pay attention and remember what you learn, they apply everything in their little tutorials quite well in each episode. There are also three difficulties for each mission and the hardest is unlocked after the “normal” clear. Aside from the story there are also simulator and gallery options. The simulator is the standard Gundam shoot and kill with some possible objectives, the gallery is the other MS pilots love…. look and learn about the suits in the game!

The gameplay is a carbon copy of Battle Operation 2, with the exception of pilots leveling up and getting skills that are usable in battle. These sound like small options and nothing that will change the game, but oh boy do these small things make a huge difference. As a person who has played Battle Operation 2 quite a bit, I can say the controls are the same, but the options with the pilots do actually make this a different experience. However, the gameplay is very much the best part of this experience. The story, while having some very good points and even a couple twists, does nothing new and even plays into a few of the Gundam series tropes. This is not to mention the fact that several of the missions have difficulty spikes that border on crazy.

Rewards can be unlocked by playing through each volume for GBO2

Please do not misunderstand, if you play a certain way and do what needs to be done you will clear just fine, but there are missions that require you to almost fight a scripted battle…without giving you the script. You will be able to figure it out and get the clear just fine if you learned the controls and nuances, but there are points where your personal piloting style will go out the window.

Honestly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the game linkage between Code Fairy and Battle Operation 2. Completing mission at certain difficulties will earn you unique suits in Battle Operation 2 and let’s all be honest if you bought this game, you have at least tried GBO2. 

The Conclusion

This game has an interesting story (if nothing new), great gameplay mechanics, and even helps you in a multiplayer game if you clear in in certain ways.

 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Version Reviewed: Playstation 4
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Date: Available Now
Cost: $19.99 (A Volume) | $49.99 (Full Season)

While it does lots of interesting things to make a multiplayer game into a single player game, there will be moments that will upset anyone who plays piloting games. As long as you like Gundam narrative and piloting this game will be a great buy.

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