The Elder Scrolls Online: 2022’s teaser trailer hints at a majestic adventure ahead

Prepare to set sail adventurer, we’re going seabound to see new lands, new peoples, and take on a new grand adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online! Our thoughts? Hammerfell is coming!

It’s hard to believe that our year-long adventure against Molag Bal has come to an end. We’ve saved the lands of Tamriel from another massive invasion, multiple incursions, and even thwarted the plans of the Daedric Lord of Oblivion himself. As our time of rest comes to a slow, but rest assuringly, peaceful close, our eyes have begun to search along the coastlines, looking for lands just over the horizon.

Our latest teaser from ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda have begun to give us an idea of what is about to unfold. Some may notice familiar armor designs, a familiar coastline, and a land we may or may not have been to in a previous title. The adventure itself will take us to set sail as we travel to distant lands once more, seeking adventure, reward, and a sense of accomplishment among our peers.

As part of their ongoing efforts, ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda are about to take us on our biggest adventure yet. This one could very well be a surprise to us veterans and to newcomers alike. The full reveal for the 2022 year-long adventure will be coming on January 27th, 2022, via the official Bethesda Twitch channel at 3pm EST. 

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