Maneater: Truth Quest DLC invites you to explore all-new waters today

If you haven’t already had a massive appetite that needed satiating with the base game of Maneater, then get ready, the first DLC for Maneater called ‘Truth Quest’ invites you to chomp down even more.

When it comes to “what can we do that no one else has,” Tripwire Interactive did it right, and we were shocked with what it had to offer in our review of Maneater on PlayStation 4. None of us knew what to expect when it came to the release of Maneater. Now, Maneater is ready to serve up its second serving in the form of its first-ever DLC rightfully called Maneater: Truthquest.

The DLC has been released today for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The DLC for $14.99 or as a bundle with the base game with the Maneater Apex Edition for $49.99.

The new DLC takes place right after the conclusion of the original game, where you take on the role of a highly evolved bull shark protagonist who has had their entire life covered in a vibrant way by the journalist turned narrator, Trip Westhaven. Trip and your shark have returned in ‘Truth Quest’ where you will move to Plover Island just off the coast of Port Clovis.

At Plover Island, you will find new evolutions, challenges, wildlife to encounter, and plenty more. Did we mention that you’ll continue becoming the top of the food chain on both land and sea as you explore, evolve, and chomp away at anything that gets in your way?

“The long wait is finally over! Over a year ago we launched Maneater, and the community response has been fantastic,” said Sean McBride, Creative Director at Tripwire Interactive. “The team has been hard at work and Truth Quest is finally here! With it, we have tons of new challenges, an entirely new area to explore, lots and lots of new things to eat, and evolutions to unlock. Find out what Scaly Pete was referring to when the locals talked about ‘Gub’ment Experiments’ lurking the waters of Port Clovis. Bring a tinfoil hat, because you are about to swim deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and military coverups. Trip Westhaven is going to blow this whole thing wide open!”

You’ll get to experience an entirely new story narrated by the renowned Chris Parnell while evolving your shark, picking up new evolution sets, leveling up to lv. 40, and even trying out five new organ evolutions and even unlocking a new evolution set at level 35. So get ready, you’ll have a lot to do as well as you evade helicopters, new military forces, and plenty more.

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