OUTRIDERS announced by Square Enix for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, live stream soon


From the iconic creators of the Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider franchises, prepare for one of the most explosive titles yet from the developers at People Can Fly. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming RPG shooter.

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Opinion: While Sony is doing great in the current-gen, I’m worried about the PS5

playstation logo

With the current momentum Sony has, the PlayStation 4 remains one of the best-selling consoles ever thanks to a solid set of first-party games, third-party offerings and a console that hits every mark it needs to remain at the top against their competitors, but now, we have to question one very obvious thing – can Sony go into the next generation this strong or will their flame burn out by that time? Let’s talk.

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Reader Discussion: Would you be okay with upgraded PlayStation 4s or a PS5?


We already know the clock on the PlayStation 4 is beginning to slowly tick down to its final minutes. If everything is to be believed, we already know a developer such as CD Projekt Red may already have their hands on one of Sony’s developer kits. While the possibility could be there with Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead architect on the PlayStation 4, already beginning to make tours to meet with developers regarding Sony hardware.

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Here’s 5 Features We’d Like to see the PlayStation 5 Have


Since the release of the PlayStation 4, we’ve seen the console grow into something spectacular, but at the same time, something lacking some much needed features fans have been begging for since this generation started. Features such as the ability to watch 4K movies off a disk, the ability to change our PSN ID’s on a whim, and even the ability to play our digital and physical games we purchased on the PlayStation 3.

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Opinion: PlayStation 5 Will Kill the PlayStation Brand if Released in 2019


If you’ve been surfing around the internet, there’s no doubt you’ve been reading that Michael Prachter, an analyst for  video games, social media, digital media and electronics analyst over at Wedbush Securities; has said that he’s sure we’ll see the PlayStation 5 in 2019. If this news is true, it could very well be slightly damning for those who have just started investing into the PlayStation 5. It’ll even be damning for developers who have yet to release their triple-A PlayStation 4 titles.

This news brings in some wonderment as to why we would even see the PlayStation 5 in 2019. If we do, would that not hurt the PlayStation 4 title and branding? Yes, it actually would, and that’s what we are here to discuss while Sony begins to decide if they want to proceed forth with that release window.

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