John Romero’s SIGIL gets physical copies from Limited Run Games


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of DOOM ripping and tearing its way through gaming history, former DOOM developer John Romero has revealed the upcoming release of his megawad as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of the game. But now, he’s also revealed some really badass nostalgic collectibles you’ll want to consider purchasing.

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RAGE 2 to release on May 14, the newest trailer reveals new weapons and enemies


During The Game Awards 2018, Bethesda revealed the latest trailer for their upcoming open-world shooter from Avalanche Studios in partnership with id Software by the name of RAGE 2. Along with the announcement comes a concrete release date for the highly anticipated title.

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CCP Games indefinitely delayed their DUST 514 Successor, Project Nova


Project Nova is an ambitious new title set within the EVE: Online universe and seeks to expand upon made Dust 514 such a spectacular free-to-play title on the PlayStation 3. However, the company has revealed that the game has been indefinitely delayed. Here’s why.

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