Killing Floor 2: Infernal Insurrection ushers in Halloween

As Halloween season begins to arrive, Killing Floor 2: Infenral Insurrection ushers in the spookiness of it all, with a brand-new map and content to enjoy starting now.

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Maneater Review – She’s gonna be a man eater


Maneater is a recently released action-RPG title that takes ahold of an entirely new style of gameplay by putting players in the role of a shark and letting them explore a world that only Ecco the Dolphin had once upon a time. Now, it’s our Bull Shark’s turn and she’s ready to take a chomp out of the local competition.

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Killing Floor 2 goes Cyberpunk in its Neon Nightmares update


Continuing to the team’s dedication to their fans and launching free and consistent content updates for Killing Floor 2, Tripwire Interactive has officially launched their Neon Nightmares update for Killing Floor 2, bringing new weapons, maps, and a lot more chaotic fun.

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam gets festive with their Green Army Men Christmas Special


Starting today until the end of the first week of January 2019, Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games has officially launched Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s Christmas special called the “Green Army Men Christmas Special”, available today.

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Review: Killing Floor: Incursion – Killing off the undead horde in VR


Already claiming its name as a horde shooter on PC and consoles, Killing Floor has now stepped into the realm of VR gaming and is upping the ante for the first person shooter genre as a true competitor for games of its type.

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Killing floor: Incursion receives new map and Windows Mixed Reality support


Available now for free of charge, Killing Floor: Incursion has received its first piece of free content for PC users, which includes the games very first new map called “The Crucible”.

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Review: Killing Floor 2 – Enhancing with an Xbox One X


Credits: Tripwire Interactive

+Gorgeous 4K visuals at 60fps on the Xbox One X
+All classes play differently, each coming with their own loadouts and sets of perks
+Enemies aren’t pushovers and can easily overwhelm groups of players
+Extremely low latency in matchmaking

-Minor framerate dips do occur from time to time.

Editors Note: Due to having reviewed the PC and PlayStation 4 editions of the game at an earlier date (those can be viewed here), the review was handed to a newcomer to the Killing Floor franchise.

Just when I thought zombie games were left to The Walking Dead and Call of Duty, little did I know Killing Floor 2 was on the horizon to show me some amazing sights. Enter the finished rounds of shotgun shells dropping to the floor when you go to reload as you soon find out that you are out of ammunition. “AHHHHHHHHHH, HELP, THEY ARE COMING RIGHT FOR ME!” Thankfully I was on a team to help save me, as our medic shot me with a healing dart and took me to the nearest ammo crate and so that I wouldn’t die in our following round.

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Killing Floor 2’s Halloween Event is Now Live

Killing Floor 2 - Halloween Horrors03

Halloween is almost here and to help prepare us for it, game developers are starting to release their content for fans to enjoy. Among them comes Tripwire’s game Killing Floor 2, which has invaded PCs and console around the world. Today, however, the company has now announced that fans on PC and PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro, can now partake in their Halloween-themed Killing Floor 2 event known as “Halloween Horrors”.

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Tripwire Has Announced That Killing Floor 2 is Headed to Xbox One


Xbox One fans have been somewhat sitting in the dark when it comes to Tripwire’s smash-hit title Killing Floor 2. Today, that has changed as our friends at Tripwire Interactive have announced today that their smash-hit game will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X later this year.

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Review: Killing Floor 2 – Flooring the Audiences with Cooperation


+Intuitively designed class-based system that brings out the importance of each role
+Weapon designs are intriguing, creative, and overly fun
+The gore system puts almost every game to date to shame
+Each level has multiple layers, which ensures no fight is the same
+Character personalities are great and wildly amusing
+Team work is an absolute must
+Rock solid control schemes that transition well from PC to console

Needs more cowbell (not really, we’ll pretend this con doesn’t exist)
-Micro-transactions for chest keys could deter some players.

If you’re like me, you’ve begun to groan over the Zombie trope. It’s one that has become overdone across every medium possible. Want to watch a good TV drama with some zombie humor? iZombie has you covered. Want to watch Negan cave in a man’s skull and be grossed out beyond recognition? The Walking Dead has you covered. Want to cooperatively run for your life from zombies? Resident Evil has that covered.

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