Maneater: Truth Quest Review – Alien conspiracies, tinfoil hats, and sharks

There’s only a few times where you might actually wonder if Godzilla, a bull shark, and a ton of humans could go face to face, and well, this is one of those times. Now, you’ll just have toss in a few alien conspiracies and you have what Maneater: Truth Quest is all about.

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Maneater: Truth Quest DLC invites you to explore all-new waters today

If you haven’t already had a massive appetite that needed satiating with the base game of Maneater, then get ready, the first DLC for Maneater called ‘Truth Quest’ invites you to chomp down even more.

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Maneater Review – She’s gonna be a man eater


Maneater is a recently released action-RPG title that takes ahold of an entirely new style of gameplay by putting players in the role of a shark and letting them explore a world that only Ecco the Dolphin had once upon a time. Now, it’s our Bull Shark’s turn and she’s ready to take a chomp out of the local competition.

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