QuakeCon 2019: Fallout 76 is about to get some major changes, including Private Servers


During QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner (Project Lead, Bethesda Game Studios), Tom Mustaine, Co-Studio Director (Bethesda Game Studios), Mark Tardiff (Co-Studio Director, Bethesda Game Studios), Chris Mayer (Development Director, Bethesda Game Studios), who discussed upcoming changes to Fallout 76, some of the changes coming soon.

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Fallout 76 is about to get a Battle Royale Mode, Interactive NPCs, and plenty more


Fallout 76 is about to get crazy with brand new NPCs, new main story quests, and a 52 player Battle Royale mode that will see nukes, power armor, and a wide variety of guns come into play. Here’s everything we know.

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Fallout 76’s Survival Mode Beta begins today for PC and consoles

Fallout 76 B_E_T_A__20181101172820

Fallout 76 has a brand new test to put players through as it ups the ante for those looking to show off their survival skills in both PvE and PvP along with new scoreboards and plenty more. 

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Fallout 76’s 2019 Roadmap to begin in March, Wild Appalachia starts soon


Fans of Fallout 76 now have an idea of what kind of content to expect in the upcoming months. With several seasons worth the new game modes, quests, stories, events, and plenty more, there’s a lot you’ll need to know.

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Rumor: Loot boxes coming to Fallout 76 in an upcoming update


Whether you like them are not, loot boxes are a thing and it seems that the latest game to possibly use them is Fallout 76, which was originally stated not to get them. Now, it seems things may be changing after Reddit noticed some startling changes in the games changelog file.

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Opinion: Why you’re really pissed with Fallout 76 and really shouldn’t be


Marketing issues aside, there’s no reason to be as pissed off with Fallout 76 like you are or is there? See what Dustin has to say on this very matter.

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Review: Fallout 76 – War… War has changed


Set in West Virginia only a little over two decades since the first bombs had fallen, Fallout 76 seeks to take players on new adventures with stories to tell by player-forged stories themselves. But the biggest question yet – does it work? Find out in with our review of Fallout 76 today.

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Fallout 76 players nuked a fissure site and Hell soon followed with an in-game event


Fallout 76 has been met with high amounts of anticipation from Fallout fans thanks to it focusing on cooperative play elements and high hopes for future cross-play. Now, a few users on Reddit decided to show the world what happens when you drop a nuke on a Fissure Site… Hell followed and it wasn’t happy.

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Fallout 76’s B.E.T.A. is an astonishing 95GB Download after the latest update


Whether or not it’ll be the same size at launch, Fallout 76’s Break-It Early Test Application is a monster of a download. For some, it might be just too much after it hit a 95GB filesize with the most recent update.

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Fallout 76 BETA Dates for the week of Oct. 30 released alongside a Live Action trailer


Fallout 76 has been both a trick and a treat for fans looking to explore the Break-it Early Test Application. As part of their intentions of testing the servers and looking to data based on the tests, Bethesda has officially released this weeks schedule and an official Live Action trailer for Fallout 76.

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