QuakeCon 2019: Fallout 76 is about to get some major changes, including Private Servers


During QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner (Project Lead, Bethesda Game Studios), Tom Mustaine, Co-Studio Director (Bethesda Game Studios), Mark Tardiff (Co-Studio Director, Bethesda Game Studios), Chris Mayer (Development Director, Bethesda Game Studios), who discussed upcoming changes to Fallout 76, some of the changes coming soon.

If you haven’t heard, Fallout 76 now has a battle Royale called Nuclear Winter. For those of you that have seen it, some changes are on their way. Vault 51 needs an overseer and that person will be the winner of the battle royale. It’s you against the 51 other players. You’ll start out in teams of 4 collecting loot while fight AI’s and other teams. If you like you can rad yourself into positive mutations along the way. They are working on a new arena at this time. You will be in burnt-out Morgantown. This arena is supposed to release in August.

There are plenty of changes coming to Adventure mode. The development team is working on a vault raid. There will be a new Vault 94 to raid. You can do these puzzle-based raids in teams of up to 4. There will be 3 levels of difficulties. The easiest will be a work through raid. The 2nd and 3rd difficulties will be time-pressured. There will be rewards at the midpoint and end. There will be set pieces of armor and legendary spawns. This vault should release in the next few weeks.

There is a new story that is going to release called Wastelanders. The first year was all about leaving the vault and reestablishing a human presence in the wasteland. Year 2 is about settling it. The storyline will bring back the NPC’s like in the other Fallout games. There will be new settlements that infest the entire map. You will have random encounters with settlers, raiders and different sub-factions along the way.

You will work through a reputation system. Your reputation can change depending on your actions. The dialog box will work off a combination or your reputation and your special settings more in line with Fallout 3. We will also see the return on companions in this. They will stay in town but in some instances may follow you and be a help or hindrance. They are looking at an increase in the camp budget but there could be a tradeoff to get this higher budget.

There will be new weapons and enemies to collect and deal with in the new load. The introduction of archery is one of the new weapons. It may sound like a step backwards, but it will have its own special attributes. One of the new enemies will be the floaters from the original Fallout. There are several more new weapons and enemies, these are just a couple to pique your interest. The estimated release date for this is November.

There will be a few more needed changes to come. The event system will be getting a few. You will now be able to fast travel to events for free. The events will be made very visible on the map. They are going to balance the levels so you don’t have a level 5 popping in with a level 300. Another change will be to the perk system.

Once you reach level 50 you will be able to pick a special and upgrade it to Legendary. This should happen at about every 50 levels. Any new character you create will be able to take advantage of this perk. The last and maybe one of the best upgrades is they’re also adding in private servers. They said to look for this sooner than later.

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