Fallout 76’s latest update brings Inventory Changes and upgrades

Fallout 76’s latest update brings in upgrades to the over-all Quality of Life, including changes to the inventory system, allowing fans to even have a massive increase to their stash from 800 lbs of items to 1,200 pounds. Here’s what you need to know.

In a massive series of all-new updates, Fallout 76 has seen some massive changes to its Quality of Life. Fans have received NPCs through the Wastelanders Update, the addition of the Brotherhood of Steel, and even improvements to the inventory system in the past.

Now, the ever-growing online RPG is seeing a new set of additions to start off the new year, which includes the Inventory Update, allowing the game to give players a better experience in their adventures through Appalachia. This new update includes an all-new improvement to the stash with 1,200 pounds worth the stuff being put in it and changes to the Pip-Boy itself.

Food and Drinks will have the same ordeal, they’ll be moved to the Food/Drinks tab from the Aid tab, allowing them to be organized differently while Chems and Serums will remain in the Aid tab as before. Stack Weight will also get a slightly different change, showing total item weight instead of individual item weight. This will allow players to find what is taking up significant amounts of carrying weight versus having to guess.

Vending Machne Map previews have also received some minor tweaking, allowing players to show the number of legendary weapons they are selling based on their rating. Other players vending machines will no longer display empty categories, only those that they have items for.

The new update comes just before the return of the fan-favorite Fasnacht event and a new Valentine’s Day-themed event, which are both set to arrive this month.

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