Fallout 76 is free this week to celebrate Bombs Drop Day

To celebrate the nuclear apocalypse that set the Fallout 76 experience to life, Bethesda has revealed that a free week is underway, as are in-game live events.

Starting today through October 26th, 2020, players on all platforms can hop into Fallout 76 in order to experience what is coming to the game, but it’s also to give fans a chance to explore the latest updates and content drops.

The current event will give players a chance to jump in and enjoy limited-time in-game events including a Legendary Vendor Sale, a limited-time Fallout 1st preview, game sales, discounts on Atoms packs, and plenty more.

There are currently three in-game running events that will take place from October 22nd until October 26th, 2020, which include Double S.C.O.R.E. and Double XP. The third is the 25% off Legendary weapons and armor from the Purveyor at the Rusty Pick in the ash Heap.

Those of you wanting to go a bit further can also try out the limited-time Fallout 1st membership today, which is available from the Atomic Shop. You can check out the official Fallout 76 blog post today.

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