PlayStation Vue to shut down in 2020, PlayStations focus shifts solely to gaming


Sony has confirmed that their television streaming service, PlayStation Vue, is set to shut down in 2020, shifting their focus to partnerships and video games.

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‘Rise of the Ghosts’ expansion announced for RAGE 2


Hot on the heels of RAGE 2’s release just a few short months ago, id Software and Avalanche Studios are preparing to crank the dial-up even further from an 11 to a 12 with their brand-new story region, story missions, and even more RAGE 2-induced craziness. Here’s the low-down.

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Insomniac Games officially joins Sony Interactive Entertainment brand

Marvel's Spider-Man_20181205235258

As of today, Insomniac Games is now a part of the PlayStation brand, allowing them to deliver even more heavy-hitting titles such as Spyro the Dragon, Marvel’s the Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, and many other titles in the future.

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BIGBEN teases a Vampire: The Masquerade title and Bloodbowl 3, and more


If you aren’t familiar with BIGBEN are in for a big surprise after a few large announcements being made during Bigben Week, a major annual event where the company announces all their upcoming titles. Here’s a look at what to expect.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake has received a new trailer for Sony’s ‘State of Play’


Earlier today, Sony and Square Enix have finally given us a glimpse at Final Fantasy VII Remake with a brand new trailer, but also, a hint that more is to come at E3 2019 next month.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is celebrating ‘Goku Day’ today


Credits: Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco is set to celebrate Goku Day tomorrow on Dragon Ball FighterZ. You can jump in today in order to celebrate by playing as Goku in the game, or y’know, just enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ as you always do.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint confirmed as next title in the series

After yesterday’s accidental leak by Ubisoft Germany, Ubisoft has confirmed that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the official new title in the series. Here’s everything you need to know.

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MSI’s latest string of laptops feature 9th Gen Intel i9s and the latest NVIDIA GPUs

MSI remains one of the leading hardware companies on the market, pushing the envelope on laptop gaming, and PC hardware. Today, they’ve revealed their latest string of PCs has released. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

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Opinion: How Activision Blizzard could have saved 800 jobs like Satoru Iwata did


Satoru Iwata | Credits: Nintendo

“I sincerely doubt employees who fear that they may be laid off will be able to develop software titles that could impress people around the world.” – Satoru Iwata

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Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Anthem’ short ‘Conviction’ left us craving a movie


Neil Blomkamp’s Anthem short ‘Conviction’ gives us a proper look at how a high-quality game movie could look if it were to be made.

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