Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint confirmed as next title in the series

After yesterday’s accidental leak by Ubisoft Germany, Ubisoft has confirmed that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the official new title in the series. Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s been a heck of a week already. Even after yesterday’s accidental leak, some of us remained curious about what the new Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon would have in store for us. This time, things are slightly changing, and we’re leaving the hot, humid, and cartel-filled world of Bolivia.

Just like its predecessor, we will see many of the systems in place return including talent trees, operator customizations, and a return of Operation Oracle’s Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker, the main villain of the game, and ex-brother-in-arms to Nomad. Just like before, four players will form a squad, heading into the depths of a new and mysterious island known as Aurora.

Here, Aurora has fallen into the wrong hands, allowing a group of Ghosts gone rogue to take over, using their drones and technology obtained from Skell Technology to their advantage. Here, Ghosts won’t just have to worry about deadly former elite soldiers. Here, they will have to worry about steep slopes, bodily injury, and even fatigue as they face down against a faction called the “Wolves”, led by Walker himself.

Along with new physical challenges that players will face, they will also have to overcome adversity through the use of their technology, their weapons, and the tactical advantages they have as a four-person squad. These include carrying teammates bodies when they are downed, hiding downed enemies from their comrades, and even set up camp while blending into the terrain the best they can.

Customizations won’t just be few Ubisoft confirms, stating that there will be “thousands of customization combinations to create their perfect Ghost, and keep their character and progression through the game in both the main campaign and Player-versus-player (PvP), available at launch,” the official press release states.

You can check out the official launch editions down below that can be pre-ordered today in order to gain access to the upcoming Closed Beta later this year.

Additionally, Ubisoft announced the Gold, Ultimate and Wolves Collector’s Edition** of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as well as the standalone Ubicollectibles® figurine of Nomad:

  • The Gold Edition will include the base game and the Year 1 Pass.
  • The Ultimate Edition will include the base game, the Year 1 Pass and the Ultimate Pack.
  • The Wolves Collector Edition will include the base game, the Year 1 Pass, the Ultimate Pack, a Ubicollectibles® high-end figurine of Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker, a Steelbook®, exclusive lithographs, Walker’s dog tag, a waterproof map of Auroa as well as the soundtrack.
  • The standalone Ubicollectibles figurine of Nomad is available for preorder on the Ubisoft store.

All pre-orders will also include special customizations called the “Sentinel Corp pack”, which will be available as a pre-order bonus. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

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