Insomniac Games officially joins Sony Interactive Entertainment brand

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As of today, Insomniac Games is now a part of the PlayStation brand, allowing them to deliver even more heavy-hitting titles such as Spyro the Dragon, Marvel’s the Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, and many other titles in the future.

In an official press announcement made earlier today, Insomniac founder and CEO, Ted Price, confirmed that the studio has officially been acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment, making them the latest team to fall into the PlayStation family.

The studio is no stranger to being a Sony first-party exclusive studio, however, as they’ve released multiple exclusives for the PlayStation brand since the PlayStation era in the 90s. Their partnership runs back since the studio opened with the release of games such as Spyro the DragonRatchet and Clank, and their latest multi-award winning and critically-acclaimed title – Marvel’s Spider-Man.

“We’ve enjoyed a special relationship with PlayStation practically since our inception. Our partnership amplifies our potential, and Marvel’s Spider-Man was a testament to this,” stated Price in today’s official announcement. According to the documents, it doesn’t look like there are any special stipulations regarding the joining of the two brands.

The news, however, does come hot on the heels of their rivals at Xbox acquiring more studios to further strengthen their brand heading into 2020, allowing for Phil Spencer to prepare to deliver a competitive market between both the PlayStation and Xbox brands when their next-gen consoles hit the market, presumably, in the fall of 2020.

“Insomniac Games is one of the most highly-acclaimed development studios in the industry and their legacy of best-in-class storytelling and gameplay is unparalleled,” said Shawn Layden, Chairman, SIE WWS.  “We have enjoyed a strong collaborative partnership with the studio for many years, and are thrilled to officially welcome them to the Worldwide Studios family.  The addition of Insomniac Games to SIE WWS reiterates our commitment to developing world-class gaming experiences that can only be found on the PlayStation platform.”

Insomniac Games has joined the likes of SIE Studio Japan, Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and many more as part of the Sony brand.

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