Rumor: Loot boxes coming to Fallout 76 in an upcoming update


Whether you like them are not, loot boxes are a thing and it seems that the latest game to possibly use them is Fallout 76, which was originally stated not to get them. Now, it seems things may be changing after Reddit noticed some startling changes in the games changelog file.

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John Romero’s SIGIL gets physical copies from Limited Run Games


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of DOOM ripping and tearing its way through gaming history, former DOOM developer John Romero has revealed the upcoming release of his megawad as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of the game. But now, he’s also revealed some really badass nostalgic collectibles you’ll want to consider purchasing.

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ZeniMax Media Inc. and Facebook have settled over Oculus Rift’s VR code lawsuit


Since 2017, Oculus Rift’s parent company – Facebook – have been in litigation over the VR system’s code, which stems from Oculus CTO John Carmack’s time working on the prototypes for ZeniMax. Now, it seems that Facebook and ZeniMax are burying the hatchet.

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