Starfield’s first developer diary takes you into the endless pursuit

Bethesda’s latest ‘Into the Starfield’ episode shows off more of the universe you’ll exploring, your never ending quest, and just what to expect when the game releases in 2022 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

While Starfield is still in development and just under a year away from release, Bethesda is already preparing fans for what’s to come, which includes learning about “The Endless Pursuit” that players will encounter when exploring the universe that the team is hard at work ensuring that fans will enjoy.

The first of, what we can only assume is many, gives us a brief glimpse at things ranging from alien worlds to space ports and even robots. Of course, this wouldn’t be a featurette if it hasn’t discussed the evolution process behind Bethesda Game Studios and the many, many, worlds it has created spanning across the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls franchises. 

In the new developer video, Matt Carofano (Art Director) opens up about how Bethesda Game Studios aimed to create a “more realistic, science-based backing to it” than ever before. This step is a major departure from their previous endeavors, allowing the game to be more grounded, but also, more unique than their fantasy offerings we had exploring Tamriel.

But even Todd Howard wasn’t able to hold back about how Starfield will shock and awe players with two major “step-out” moments that players will experience. It’ll be interesting to see those hit harder than when exiting a vault in Fallout 76 or the prison cells in Skyrim.

Starfield is set to launch exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, PlayStation users may not have a chance to jump into the series until a much later date, if at all.

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