Ninja is streaming on YouTube, for now, no exclusivity deal made


After the closure of Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer, many wondered what would happen to Ninja and where he would go. For now, he’s on YouTube, which somehow, is rather surprising to some.

When it comes to content creators and streamers, there’s no denying that Ninja is one of the few out there that can make some powerful waves hit the entertainment scene, which to some, is no big deal, but to others, it’s a massive ordeal.

Since Microsoft’s announcement they would be shutting down Mixer at the end of last month, many streamers and content creators had to do the shuffle, preparing themselves for one of the worst-case scenarios, which is that they would start over from scratch and have to bring their viewer base with them.

However, for some, that’s not the case and the move for partners to Facebook Gaming seemed like a rather likely option for content creators such as Ninja and various other Mixer partners. Today, however, marked a unique occasion as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has aired one of his first streams since the closure of Mixer over on his YouTube channel.

At this time, however, it doesn’t seem that he has signed any exclusivity deals and has simply just decided to create some all-new content for his fans. He could also be practicing, keeping himself up to par as one of the most renowned Fortnite players out there. Regardless, it has definitely received a lot of attention with the new stream has brought in well over 2.3 million views while his channel is sitting at a rather solid 23.8 million subscribers.

If Ninja is preparing for a return to YouTube, he does seem to have a good starting place as always, and he could possibly bring even more attention to YouTube as a viable streaming platform once again as the platform is no stranger to shutting down its YouTube gaming format and integrated into YouTube altogether.

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