A GameStop in Oklahoma leaks the brand-new store redesigns


In a video leaked on Facebook, a GameStop store in Pryor, Oklahoma, leaked the store redesigns, which gives us a glimpse at the companies future focus on both retro and modern games while moving forward to include an area for fans to sit and relax.

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Gamescom 2019: THQ Nordic to host a stage show, reveals their hard-hitting lineup


In preparation for Gamescom 2019, THQ Nordic has revealed their upcoming line-up that will be present during the event that fans will get to see and play more of ahead of their respective launches, powered by ASUS and CSL Boostboxx. Titles include both Biomutant and Darksiders Genesis.

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Loot Boxes take another hit as drop-rate disclosures become mandatory by the FTC


As of today, the United States Federal Trade Comission (FTC) will be enforcing a rule that will require Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, alongside major video game publishers, to disclose the rates of obtaining loot from loot boxes within their games.

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Does JuJu Performance Lab’s gamer-focused energy drink work? We gave the drink a chance.


Credits: JuJu Performance Labs

Since QuakeCon 2019, we’ve been giving JuJu Energy, a gamer-focused energy-drink a chance, and here’s what we thought after two weeks of using the drink.

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The Children’s Corner: Do violent video games actually have a negative impact on today’s youth?


Credits: Microsoft

With video games becoming a hot topic once again, it’s time that we talk about children, violence in games, and why it’s important to talk about violence, video games, and the real-world consequences that can occur if such acts were to happen in the real world.

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QuakeCon 2019: How Shadow’s streaming service changed the BYOC Experience


Ever wonder how your computer can handle some of today’s high-end games? Well, Shadow is here to change how you perceive gaming with a powerful service that delivers cutting-edge technology and some of the best gaming experiences possible. Here’s what it was like to use Shadow at QuakeCon 2019 in the BYOC.

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Tim Willits to part ways with id Software after 24 years once QuakeCon 2019 concludes


Dustin Murphy and Tim Willits | Credits: David Murphy/Blast Away the Game Review

After years of getting to meet and talk with Tim Willits at QuakeCon, we’ve learned that he will be parting from id Software after July 28th, the concluding day of QuakeCon 2019.

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The Children’s Corner: Is it safe for children to online game?


The biggest question of the day is here and we’ve all been quietly asking it: Is it safe for children to online game? Let’s talk about that and internet safety practices for children.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV is getting a live-action series from Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ studio


Hivemind has officially revealed their upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV TV series. The team is known for their works on ‘The Expanse’ for Amazon and ‘The Witcher’ featuring Henry Cavill for Netflix. Here are the official details for the upcoming series.

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The Children’s Corner: Should you set up parental controls on gaming devices?


Our weekly take on children and gaming is here with The Children’s Corner this week where we will be discussing parental controls and whether or not you should consider them.

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