Tim Willits to part ways with id Software after 24 years once QuakeCon 2019 concludes


Dustin Murphy and Tim Willits | Credits: David Murphy/Blast Away the Game Review

After years of getting to meet and talk with Tim Willits at QuakeCon, we’ve learned that he will be parting from id Software after July 28th, the concluding day of QuakeCon 2019.

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The Children’s Corner: Is it safe for children to online game?


The biggest question of the day is here and we’ve all been quietly asking it: Is it safe for children to online game? Let’s talk about that and internet safety practices for children.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV is getting a live-action series from Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ studio


Hivemind has officially revealed their upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV TV series. The team is known for their works on ‘The Expanse’ for Amazon and ‘The Witcher’ featuring Henry Cavill for Netflix. Here are the official details for the upcoming series.

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The Children’s Corner: Should you set up parental controls on gaming devices?


Our weekly take on children and gaming is here with The Children’s Corner this week where we will be discussing parental controls and whether or not you should consider them.

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Microsoft is releasing Xbox hygiene products. No, seriously, they are.


No, we aren’t trolling. Microsoft and the parent company of Axe are teaming up for a brand new marketing push with Xbox from Lynx.

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E3 2019: Ten of our most anticipated games and a few we hope to see


E3 is a great event for the gaming industry and the gaming community as a whole. It’s a time when some of the biggest announcements are made, previous announcements get fully unveiled, and even a few teases manage to make it out the door. With E3 just a little over a week away, it’s time to talk about what we hope to see. So let’s get to talking.

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Brazil’s Independent Games Festival to bring in major mobile developers in 2019


Brazil Games’ efforts to grow aren’t going unnoticed as some of the biggest independent developers of mobile games prepare to make their way to Brazil for the countries 7th edition of Brazil Games.

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Sonic the Hedgehog movie director confirms changes will be made


After a horrible and questionable character design on the behalf of Sonic the Hedgehog’s appearance, it seems that Jeff Fowler, Paramount, and SEGA are redesigning our little blue pal ahead of the movies upcoming release.

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Final Fantasy XIV: How an FC called Azure Infinitum turned into family

Aurinik Lightfoot 04/02/2019 22:04:39

From toxic and abusive experiences to a reformed sense of community, Dustin opens up about the hardships he faced and how one FINAL FANTASY XIV community changed his experiences for the better.

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A letter from the Editor – We’ve been accepted to OpenCritic, thanks to you, our readers


“On behalf of our team, I want to thank you, our readers, for your support in getting us where we are now and helping us go where we are meant to go. Because of you, your dedication, your passion for games and your viewership, we’re proud to announce we’ve been accepted to OpenCritic, a review aggregation site, starting today.”

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