Fortnite’s Chapter 2 update is now available


If you’ve been staying tuned to the Fortnite’s social media and streams, a lot has been happening as far as hidden messages go. In order to prepare for the brand-new season, you’ll need to download approximately 9GB of data in order to play.

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Fortnite to be the first cross-play title for PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One


In an era where cross-play and cross-platform titles have become a huge success, Sony has avoided allowing such experiences outside of PC and Mobile devices. Today, the companies tune has changed as they reveal their commitment to offering the best gaming experience possible – starting with Fortnite.

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Fortnite Mobile now available to all iOS users


After having spent a few weeks in closed testing in an invite-only state, publisher and developer Epic Games has officially announced that they’ve worked out all the kinks in Fortnite for iOS and has officially announced that this version of the title is now live and free-to-play for all iOS device owners.

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Fortnite Tips and Tricks: 6 Essential Tips You Need to Survive the Storm With


With many years of eager anticipation, the day has finally come that we’ve gotten our hands on Fortnite by legendary developer and publisher Epic Games. The game, as you can imagine, has been in the making for many years, and for a while it even managed to fall into obscurity, which lead many to thinking it was cancelled. As of Tuesday, that’s not the case as many have been grinding out countless hours, and have managed to mow down countless swarms of zombies.

There’s no doubt I have, I’ve had quite a bit of fun doing it, and for breaks, I farmed for materials as well as countless resources. I’ve even managed to gather schematics, recruit a few pals, and cause a bit of mayhem with the lads. If you wonder where my progress spend, there’s no doubt that this rather playful and cartoonish co-op based tower defense meets base-building shooter has dragged me in and not let me escape. Without further ado, lets enter Blast Away the Game Review to be a news publisher that decided to kick-in the games metaphorical doors and join the party.

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Fornite is Coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in July


By now you’ve probably heard the name Fortnite floating around since the Video Game Awards in 2011. It’s a game that has been hidden behind a veil of obscurity that hasn’t been pierced until developer and publisher Epic Games has finally lifted away from the game. A veil that was needed to be lifted and one that has left fans of building games reeling with excitement due to its unique approach to cooperative survival building games.

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