Square Enix has revealed their plans for PAX East 2020, includes playable demos


Square Enix is about to offer one of the biggest Square Enix experiences yet at PAX East 2020 with playable demos for titles such as FINAL FANTASY VII Remake and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. Here’s the scoop.

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DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY is now streaming on Netflix in North America


DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY has officially landed on Netflix and invites franchise fans to experience the story of Luca as he begins to follow in his father’s footsteps in order to rescue his mother from the evil grips of Ladja, a member of The Order of Zugzwang. Check out the official trailer today!

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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2020 dates revealed with Patch 5.2’s release date


Set to be the next major title update for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 5.2, ‘Echoes of a Fallen Star’ will bring in some heavy additions to the already critically-acclaimed Shadowbringers expansion including new story quests, raid content, a dungeon, and plenty more. Alongside the patch notes comes Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Dates for North America, Europe, and Japan.

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