Final Fantasy XIV’s real-life cookbook is coming this November

Square Enix has revealed that their real-life cookbook for Final Fantasy XIV will bring some of Eorzea’s most savory and mouthwatering dishes to your home this November. Get ready to level up as a culinarian this year!

There’s no doub that Eorzean’s have some delicious foods that they get to snack on throughout their adventures in the critically-acclaimed MMO, FINAL FANTASY XIV. Things from the Farmer’s Breakfast to the Knights Bread of Coerthas are delicious entrees, ones that once you’ve begun to salivate, are only to be topped off with the gastronimical, and once imaginary delight that is La Noscea’s Rolanberry Cheesecake.

However, Square Enix and Insight Editions are about to change the delights you are reading about from in-game items to real-life recipes that fans can actually make when they aren’t busy in lands of both Hydaelyn and Norvrandt. Starting on November 9th, 2021, Square Enix will be releasing The Ultimate FINAL FANTASY XIV Cookbook, which will give fans a chance to enjoy their all-time favorite dishes from the lands they adventure through.

The book will span 192-pages of delicious treats with an exclusive forward from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online producer and directory, Yoshi-P. The cookbook will feature step-by-step instructions, beautiful photos, and an opportunity for fans to enjoy an amazing in-game cookbook that will feature, literally, any recipe you can imagine from the game.

For those with avid fans of the game, this will make the perfect gift, allowing them to enjoy their favorite treats and even level-up their real-life culinarian skills to impress their friends and families alike. However, where can you get it? Well, GameStop, Square Enix Store, or even at participating retailers.

The GameStop edition will feature a special GameStop-exclusive Cover Art for the game. Both edition of The Ultimate FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Cookbook are available fore pre-order today. Not a bad way to kick off a release party for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker, which is set to release this November on PC and PlayStation consoles.

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