PS4’s 8.00 system update messed with parties and fans are mad

If you were a fan of the classic Party Chat system on PlayStation 4, you aren’t alone, let’s talk about why the new PlayStation 4 party chat system is a mess and why Sony should have left it alone.

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PlayStation Network is Officially Down Confirms the PSN Status Page



[Credits: Johan Spreckelson]

 If there’s anything gamers, streamers, and game journalists want to hear, it’s that the service they depend on being available isn’t actually available. Just shortly ago, we’d been tipped off by a few readers and our own attempts to log into the service, that PlayStation Network is currently available.

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Sony is Now Rewarding Trophy Hunters on PlayStation Network


Are you a trophy hunter? Have you ever wondered if you would get rewarded for being a trophy hunter? If you are or you want to become one, Sony isn’t going to hold you back from doing so, and they actually want you to do something with them. Something quite fun, but they require you to actually create a Sony Rewards account and linking it to your active PlayStation Network account.

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