Sony has fixed the message bug that was bricking consoles


In a weird turn of events, players had fallen victim to a message that would be sent to them during online games and inevitably, it rendered their consoles unusable unless they reinstalled their OS or took it into Safe Mode and rebuilt their databases. Here’s what you need to know.

For nearly the last month it seemed that receiving messages on Sony’s PlayStation Network was almost the worst idea you could ever have. After all, it’s not like PSN users need to communicate or anything. But, somehow, somewhere, someone got the bright idea to figure out how to “brick” PlayStation 4’s with a specific string of characters by sending them in a message for users to view.

In a recent tweet on Sony’s support account, one of their support reps has confirmed that the newly released system software update is to fix this flaw that would send users consoles into a crash loop that wouldn’t end unless the console was put into safe mode and its database was rebuilt.

Right now, we don’t know if this is a permanent fix to the glitch or if it’s really a fix at all. We still advise you err on the side of caution when receiving messages on PlayStation Network and keep your privacy settings set to friends for the time being. After all, who really wants to risk a “crashed” console anyways?

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