Sony is Now Rewarding Trophy Hunters on PlayStation Network


Are you a trophy hunter? Have you ever wondered if you would get rewarded for being a trophy hunter? If you are or you want to become one, Sony isn’t going to hold you back from doing so, and they actually want you to do something with them. Something quite fun, but they require you to actually create a Sony Rewards account and linking it to your active PlayStation Network account.

By having linked your account, you can now earn some awesome rewards, and even turn them into some real money currency by just playing your games. So how exactly do you earn your rewards? It’s as simple as earning trophies in your games, but there are requirements as to how many of them you need to earn.

  • 100 points per 100 Silver Trophies
  • 250 points for 25 Gold Trophies
  • 1,000 Points for 10 Platinum Trophies.

Based on the current sitting of how points are valued on the actual website, you can easily earn a $10 in PSN credit for 10,000 Silver Trophies, 100 gold trophies, or 10 platinum trophies. It’s a pretty solid offer for those of you wanting to help promote your enjoyment of PlayStation Network. Got a year subscription? That’s a solid year to earn 60 bucks in PlayStation Network Credit by just playing your games.

Since there are other ways to earn, just check out the Sony Rewards page and see what the list has to offer, there are some solid ones, and ones we highly recommend checking out.

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