PSN Online ID Change Feature outlined, pricing and testing announced


Kush_Master_420_Crunk will finally be able to grow up and change their PSN ID to something a bit more mature later this year for beta testers, early next year for everyone else. The cost? Not as bad as one might think.

For whatever reason you decided to choose some name you are unhappy with, Sony has been listening to you all these years and it has been a rather complex journey to get to where we are now. Over the years, Steam, Xbox Live and even Nintendo Network users have been able to change their names for free or a nominal fee that most would scoff at just for a few simple laughs.

Today, however, Sony has finally outlined the long-awaited Name Change feature that will allow you to change your PlayStation Network Online ID from your PlayStation 4. Sony has revealed that the PSN Online ID Change feature beta will begin as part of the PlayStation Preview Program later this year and it will become available to select users that have pre-registered as testers for their previous system software betas.

Sony has revealed that the first change will be free to all PlayStation Network users. While you can change it once for free, Sony has also revealed in an Official PlayStation Blog post earlier today that you can change your names as much as you want for $4.99 USD as a PlayStation Plus member or for $9.99 USD without PlayStation Plus and can be done directly through the Settings menu or via the Profile page on your PlayStation 4.

Sony has stated that you will be able to display your previous ID alongside your new ID so that your friends can recognize who you are. However, they have revealed that once you decide to display your original ID or not, you won’t be able to adjust this setting after you complete your online ID change.

As part of the preview program, Sony has revealed that the feature will only be compatible with PlayStation 4 games that were originally published after April 1, 2018, and a large majority of games before that date. Unfortunately, most PS3 and PlayStation Vita games may not support the online ID Change and you may encounter issues or errors in games that are not compatible with this feature.

The downside to this? You may not be able to keep your new name moving forward, which means some games, especially your online only games, may not enjoy the fact you changed your name and may require you to revert back to your original name during the preview program as Sony kinks out all the bugs. Luckily for you, the revert to your prior name is completely free.

Along with all of the information provided in their post today, Sony has confirmed that the long-awaited preview program will roll out at the end of this Nov. and in Early 2019 for everyone else.

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