PlayStation Network is currently down, but not according to PlayStation Support

In a bit of a surprise, PlayStation Network users are finding that PlayStation Network is currently down when trying to log in or use their PlayStation services.

Update #3 – 5:27 pm Central Time: PlayStation Network connectivity is coming back online. Some features are still unavailable due to a “PlayStation Network is undergoing mainetnenace” message. Users should be able to start playing online, but expect small hiccups as services are restored.

Update #2 – 5:12 pm Central Time: PlayStation Users will now be seeing a “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” error when testing their connections or attempting to log into PSN.

Update #1 – 4:52 pm Central Time: Sony has updated their official support site to confirm that “Some Services are experiencing issues”. You can visit the page here. Currently users around the world are experiencing the outage.


If you go onto Twitter, you’re going to find a common trend right now if you search for “PlayStation Network Down” or “PSN Down”: It’s actually down. Many users on the popular social media platform have taken to the service to confirm a network outage, even if it’s just a hiccup, showing that many online services for PlayStation Network are currently unavailable at the time of writing.

At the time of writing, we ourselves have been affected by the temporary outage, rendering online play for many of our games, some of our apps, and even some of our services are currently unavailable due to the outage. Those looking to play online games might be unable to as many do require an active connection to the PlayStation Network servers to verify their online credentials and membership.

However, from our past experience, we’ve been able to access games such as Final Fantasy XIV with some finesse and patience while these outages happen. The best thing you can do right now? Wait for the PlayStation Network servers to become available once again. We’ll update you when the servers are back online.

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