PlayStation Network is Officially Down Confirms the PSN Status Page



[Credits: Johan Spreckelson]

 If there’s anything gamers, streamers, and game journalists want to hear, it’s that the service they depend on being available isn’t actually available. Just shortly ago, we’d been tipped off by a few readers and our own attempts to log into the service, that PlayStation Network is currently available.

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The outage is highlighted by users attempting to log in this morning and afternoon, many of them being greeted with a system level message from the company stating that the service itself is unavailable. A trip over to the PlayStation Network status page also confirms that they are indeed having an outage.


[Credits: Sony]

Oddly enough, the only service under the PlayStation umbrella currently working is Sony’s digital TV service by the name of PlayStation Vue. At this time, users can still play their games offline and quite possibly online, but with some hindrance. Luckily enough, our editor has been able to log in at the time of writing but did state that error messages do appear upon loading into online games and his friendslist.

However, it does appear that the service is beginning to come back online little by little. We can only assume that the overwhelmingly positive responses to Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ could very well be the cause of the outage itself.

We’ll keep you updated once the service goes live again.

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