Overwatch’s hero Sigma is a gravity-wielding barrier tank


With the latest shakeup to the patch that will force players into a 2-2-2 composition in an upcoming patch, Blizzard has officially revealed the games latest hero, Sigma, a barrier tank that uses gravity to his advantage.

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Overwatch: Potential new hero ‘Sojourn’ teased in the Archives event audio teaser


Overwatch could be seeing a brand new hero entering the fray sooner than later as the company has teased a brand new operative by the name of Sojourn, who appears in the audio trailer for the upcoming Archives event.

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Overwatch: The Bastet Challenge has begun, here’s how to earn the drops


After a new release of OVerwatch’s short story “Bastet”, Blizzard revealed that the following their latest event has begun, bringing newly story-inspired content starting today until January 21, 2019. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror returns next Tuesday, trailer released


Overwatch is renowned for its annual events ranging from their winter fest all the way down to their Chinese New Years celebration. Now, we’re preparing to get a little spoopy with the return of Junkenstein and friends.

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Looking for official Overwatch D.VA Event streamers? Here’s who to watch.


Currently, there is a lot going on with the Overwatch D.VA event going on. With Twitch exclusive such as new sprays being available for D.VA to use, many are taking advantage of using [Twitch Drop Enabled] to bolster their viewer numbers, but one thing’s for certain: many of them are fake. Here’s who to watch and when.

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Meet Wrecking Ball aka Hammond, Hero 28 for Overwatch, short released


There’s no doubt about the fact that many fans were eagerly awaiting the announcement of Hero 28 to be a monkey. However… We were completely wrong about what species Hammond actually is. Meet Hero 28, WreckingBall.

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Overwatch: Who is Hammond and where’s the proof he’s hero 28?


Overwatch is certainly beginning to gear up for the reveal of hero 28 and all eyes are set on the mysterious Horizon Lunar Colony Subject #8  – or – Hammond for short. Their latest teaser gives us an idea that – if it is Hammond – we can expect an ape with some high-tech at their side.

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The Overwatch League Grand Finals sold out, final season schedule outlined

analyst desk

Since the establishment of the Overwatch League fans around the world have begun to cheer on some of the best players in the game. As the League begins to prepare to wrap up its season, so do the fans cheering on their teams, and now, they’ve managed to sell out tickets to the Barclays Center.

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Overwatch’s Uprising Returning as Overwatch Archives, Dives into Series Lore


For the past year, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t been shy about reoccurring events on an annual basis. With the past two events, both Winterfest and Halloween Terror, as well as Chinese New Year events having already made their valiant return, we’re now getting ready to see the return of the Overwatch Uprising Event make its valiant return on April 11, 2018, until May 1, 2018.

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Blizzard Opens Up About Overwatch and Xbox One X


The Xbox One X is not a small deal by any means. It is a powerhouse, one that not even Sony had possibly foreseen doing what it has, and bringing native 4K gameplay to a living room near you. In order to prove that they have what it takes for 4K gaming, Microsoft has doubled down, and has shown an exemplary display of love for video games.

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