Overwatch’s Uprising Returning as Overwatch Archives, Dives into Series Lore


For the past year, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t been shy about reoccurring events on an annual basis. With the past two events, both Winterfest and Halloween Terror, as well as Chinese New Year events having already made their valiant return, we’re now getting ready to see the return of the Overwatch Uprising Event make its valiant return on April 11, 2018, until May 1, 2018.

Teased today by Blizzard’s vice president, Jeff Kaplan, we got to see the fact the event will be returning as something called Overwatch Archives: Retribution. These new, but returning event, will get to explore much of the game’s lore before the modern era we’ve come to know and love.

Our only assumption here is that we may get to see more of the game’s lore play out, following up from last years event, which saw to players taking part in Overwatch Uprising, which saw the story of Tracer’s first mission against Null Sector and the rogue omnics play out in full force. While we know little of this upcoming event, it may be safe to say we’ll get to see another side of a similar story or an event that takes place later on.

For now, for whatever reason, we only know that Retribution will take place somewhere in the past and will give us a look at past events in the current universe. You can watch the teaser down below.

Additionally, Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that previous skins will be making a return when the event goes live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in just a few more days. Also, stay tuned on Wednesday (this week) to the Overwatch League as Jeff has confirmed they will have a special surprise in just a couple of days.

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